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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lenten stuff

During Ash Wednesday services, el Padre mentioned during his homily that we don't have to necessarily give up something, we can also *do* something positive, like develop good habits and whatnot. Since all I can really think to give up on a regular basis for the next 40 days is my dinner when it comes back up, I figured I'd give the "doing something positive" thing a try. Being a sarcastic snot of a person, and generally curmudgeonly and pissy, it'll be a challenge. So, positivity. That's me. Always chipper! (Ugh, I think I upchucked a little bit just typing that. Balls.)

Anyway, I thought instead of trying to completely reprogram my snarky, bitchy personality into someone, well... nice... I'd take baby steps and try publishing one nice, happy positive thing each day. I know, I'm a little behind. Lent started without me even figuring out what I was going to do until today.

So, happy thoughts.

Here we go.

Uh huh.





Oh, okay, here's one! I'm really proud of Cora's godfather for deciding to go back to school. He only finished one year of college, back 17 years ago when he graduated high school. He's gonna start this summer and work on becoming a murse. (Likely, the naughty kind. Heh.)

Of course, I'm very glad he is going to take his nurse's aid course first and get a hospital job, to make sure he really likes it before he jumps into something he might hate. (I'm pretty sure I would hate nursing. Being a curmudgeon, I hate people. Oops, that's the negativity slipping in.)

He chatted with a friend who's going to nursing school now where he's going to apply to get more details on the program, and he hung out at my house tonight and filled out his application and his FAFSA. He's going to start taking his prereqs over the summer.

So, hopefully in two years, he'll have earned one of these:

And a diploma too

So, that's my first positive thing for the Lenten season: I'm proud of my friend for going back to school and changing his life. And I'm proud of my other friends who are currently in school, doing the same, (one of which I had dinner with tonight.) Good for them for grabbing life by the balls and not just resigning themselves to the suckdom of their current careers. Making positive changes = awesome.

Whew, that was exhausting. Going to bed now!


Jessica said...

Ha! My Lenten thingy was to write down one thing per day that I was thankful for or that made me happy that day. So far we are 6 days in and I've written down...nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Perhaps this is my sign from God that I'm designed to be a Debbie Downer?

legally certifiable said...

I'm trying to stop using the F word for lent. Although, if you read yesterday's post, you know that's not going so well. Maybe I should just try having a positive attitude, too. And only use the F word in positive ways.