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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking a Sick Day

I'm taking a sick day today. Not that I don't have to make it up, but oh well. I just can't make myself get out of bed. I feel like ass. Growing a human sucks.

What's weird is that I felt good yesterday. Had to get up extra early to get to court, and picked up a friend who lives nearby who is considering practicing in that court, doing the family law stuff. So, we scooted off to our northern neighboring county, leaving early in case traffic was bad due to road conditions. Then I dropped her back home, went to my friend's office and worked, and cleaned up the house since we had friends over for dinner.

Yesterday was a good day in court. We have a substitute judge who is very efficient and we were out of there in 30 minutes. We were going to stay and watch some other cases, but he was already ahead of schedule, and we didn't know if the next case was docketed any time soon. I had a small victory for one client, and the client is doing great and on track to being reuinted with the kiddies. Theirs is one of the few Cabinet success stories, a case where the system works the way it's supposed to and everyone does what they're supposed to. It's nice to have one of those cases every once in awhile. Unfortunately, I have several I think of as the "Cinderella" clients, the clients I repeatedly assure that they can get their kids back if they get all their chores done. They always seem really happy to hear that. Then they don't show up for their drug screens. Then they don't show up for court. Then they don't have a job, or a home or whatever else they needed to do to get their lives on track to be reunited with their kids. So, it's nice to have clients I can actually help.

Anyway, I guess I expended all my energy yesterday because today I feel like ass. I probably, in addition to stupid first trimester suckiness, am a little anemic. I should be proactive and go get some iron supplements. The prenatal vitamins didn't cut it for me the last time, so it wouldn't surprise me if that's the problem. But I just feel like crap. I slept all day Saturday, literally. I didn't make it out of bed for good until dinner. And then Sunday I was at the grocery store and nearly passed out in the check-out line, and had to go throw up in the bathroom. (The bagger lady was nice enough to carry my bags out to the car for me.) But since then, I'd felt better. And now we're back to today. Sucks. I can't deal with this for another two months. I hate pregnancy, pregnancy sucks.


LL said...

Yes, pregnancy really does suck. I think I'd like a third child, but I know I don't want to be pregnant a third time. We'll see which end wins out on that little debate.

Yay for the victories in court- you have to celebrate when you can, and as a pregnant lady with a toddler, I think staying in bed all day counts as a celebration (assuming the toddler is not home with you, then it's still a work day and you get another celebration day in the future).

E.H. said...

I hope you feel better soon! And take the time now. It'll be a LOT harder later on! :)

PT LawMom said...

Hope you feel better!! I was so worried while pregnant about taking time for me but now realize people were right. Time passes and no one really notices or remembers. Take care of yourself!!