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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yet another reason law school ruined my life

I was looking at this summer program, which I would love to do. I want to try to get back into IR and the like. I think if I actually manage to someday pass the fitness test for that federal job I so desperately want, that such things would help boost my resume. However, there is no way in hell I want to send them my law school transcript.

Not only did my law school grades consist mainly of mediocre B's and C's, and never even a proper A, just A minuses, but especially considering my craptastic final semester, my transcript is embarassing. That final semester is when the asshole nonprofits prof decided to be a dick and give 1/3 of the class (including me) a C-, after working us half to death the entire semester at the detriment of our other classes, posted the grades in the middle of finals week (and 16 hours before my International Law final), which caused me to have an emotional breakdown and completely effing bomb my International Law final, getting a grade I had never seen before: a D+. It was the domino effect of fail. I have no idea what happened on that final. I think I wrote something like "alien torts are tasty." I dunno. It was epic. Although pretty embarassing considering my background in the topic, at that point, I just didn't give a shit. I mean, I had a job lined up, and as the law school managed to perform its final act of nonconsensual buggery, I just took it and went on with life. And really, who cares. Some of my friends at the top of the class didn't have jobs until after bar results came out, and some of those friends are currently making less money than I am. And it's true, no one will ever ask my class rank or gpa again. (Which is good, because I honestly don't know what either one of those numbers is, nor do I plan to find out.)

But if I ever want to go back and do anything like the Columbia program that's academic, I feel like my law school career will stop me. My graduate school grades were fabulous, because I actually liked graduate school and gave a shit. But now it's this black mark on my academic record, which pisses me off. If not for that last semester, I would probably still apply to the program and while not feeling stellar about my chances, at least not be embarassed to apply.


Downsized Attorney said...

Sorry to hear that. I too bombed my last semster of law school because of a combination of not caring anymore and having a shiny BigLaw job lined up. I wish I'd been able to see in the future and realize that grades did still matter and that jobs don't last forever.

Googie Baba said...

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, couldn't you just leave off the JD on the application? Maybe you were a stay at home mom for a few years?

Burdekin said...

I would apply anyway. At this point, experience trumps grades.

A lot of law schools use bizarre grading methods. My school used a 65 - 95 scale. And they have a letter describing what this means that you can hand out to prospective employers.

I don't know about omitting the JD - esp. for a gov position. I, for one, can't WAIT to write a big fat JD when I apply for a part-time butchering job.

Proto Attorney said...

I wish I could just ignore my JD! Unfortunately, I went to the same university for all three degrees, so my transcript is all the same document. :(

Maybe I'll apply anyway. The worst I can get is a rejection letter, and, well, I get a lot of those, so what's the difference!

Paragon2Pieces said...

Give the application a shot. Not sure you feel the same way, but I would rather get rejected than wonder what might have been.

E.H. said...

Do try, just because you'll always wonder if you don't.

It never ceases to amaze me how arbitrary and stupid law school is/was. I try so hard not to be bitter when I talk to current students, but man, it's hard.

GemEnigma said...

Let me just say....as a "1.5L" who is struggling to come to terms with the grades from my first semester (which definitely bombed)...I'm already freaking out as to how to get a decent summer internship, much worse BEYOND law school.

Nonetheless, I strongly believe in "nothing beats a failure but a try" and other nonsensical-yet-inspiring sayings. So, go for it....and "let the chips fall where they may." (couldn't resist.)