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Friday, January 28, 2011

Text message exchanges...

... with my mother. Sigh.

Exchange 1: (two weeks ago)

Mom: Fwd: FWD: Fwd: FWD: Sheronda wrote: Fwd: FWD: Anthrax poison in Tide detergent packs coming thru the mail do not open or use. 7 people dead already.

Me: That's not true.*

Mom: Are you sure

Me: Is it the lead story on the 6 o'clock news?

Mom: I don't know

Me: Then it's not true. There is also no Easter bunny.

Mom: Funny and there's no santa claus either

Me: Way to kill the Christmas spirit.

Mom: You are funny aren't you little old to believe in santa

Me: And you're still too young to believe everything you get by random text message!

Mom: I only sent that text to see if you read or heard about it

Me: Sure. ;)

Exchange No. 2: (today)

Mom: What do you think of the name Rosalie for a girls name

Me: It's exactly like Coralie?

Mom: No it's not

Me: How is it not? It rhymes with it. All same except first three letters.

Mom: I think it's a pretty name** Rosalie you can call her Rosa

Me: Nevermind the fact it rhymes with Cora's name and incorporates her middle name which is Rose. Why don't we just name all the kids George like George Foreman?

Mom: Funny lol how about Magdalene

Me: We aren't that Catholic.

* It's not true. You know how tough it is to create weaponized anthrax? No one wastes perfectly good weaponized anthrax on random wahoos that use detergent samples out of the Sunday paper. Snopes agrees.

** For the record, while Rosalie isn't a bad name, other than the fact it would be ridiculous to name two siblings Coralie and Rosalie, it's simply a reflection on my mother's poor judgment in naming. I only escaped being saddled with an awful, cutesy two-first-name combo that invokes images of big blond hair and country music, because my father found a more reasonable name in a baby book and vetoed her name selection. I would look terrible as a blond, and I hate cowboy boots.


Butterflyfish said...

We liked the name Isabelle, possibly as a middle name, though it wasn't a main contender. My husband's father called one day and announced that we MUST name our daughter Isabelle and called like every day of my pregnancy leaving messages for Isabelle. He essentially killed any possibility of the name Isabelle happening.

And this is why I told everyone while I was pregnant that we were naming her Ruth Sandra after two Supreme Court justices. People get too opinionated about other people's kids names -- I figured I'd give them something to get opinionated about. ;-)

Meredith said...

You're too funny.