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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giving up, giving in, giving out

I'm not sure which it is. But I think I'm going to take the additional hours at my friend's office. I'm just burned out on my own stuff, and realize, I just can't handle all this alone. I don't want the responsibility of solo practice, and considering the shockingly bad result we had in court today on that other matter, I'm just done with it. Something my husband said about nursing, that you can't wallow in grief over losing one patient, because on that shift you have other patients that need you, and need you at your best. So, I've pushed through today, getting stuff done that I needed to do. After going back to my office and crying for about 10 minutes, of course. (My office mate was like, oh crap.) Then we talked it through and I felt better that there was nothing more I could have done, and we talked strategy for the future. I have to say too, that the other attorneys in court today were very nice to me too. Two of the public defenders, and another more seasoned private attorney were very kind. Unlike the judge who was decidedly not nice, but oh well. It's one of those times that I really miss where I was practicing before... where they don't eat their young. Ugh.

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PT LawMom said...

I think you made the best choice you could for right now. Building a practice is hard work!!! Hopefully this path will lead to great things.