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Monday, May 24, 2010

Long-overdue weight loss blogging

It's been awhile, I know. I'm still truckin' along, trying to lose weight. I haven't quite fallen off the wagon, I'm still technically losing weight. But I have been losing momentum. I need to fix that. Also, exercise has been waning. Pilates has been on hiatus while the dance school had their spring performance, so I plan to go back in June. Cora starts baby ballet classes again, so I'll be there anyway. The weather seems to always be raining, but I take Cora for walks when the weather's nice. I need to get to the gym. It's too hot in my apartment to exercise because my damn landlords haven't put my air conditioner window units back in yet. So, gym is on the agenda this week, particularly this weekend. Anyway, Stats:

This week's loss: -0.4 pounds.
Weight loss since starting Weight Watchers: -12.8 pounds.
Weight loss since the bar exam: -18.0 pounds.

As for measurements, I've dropped 3.5 inches in my hips, 1.3 inches in my thighs, 2.5 inches in my waist, 1 inch in my arms, and 1.5 inches in my bust (much to Husband's horror). I am so happy that my bewbs are shrinking, you have no idea. If I could someday be a C cup, I would be so thrilled.

I am now the same weight I was when I started law school. Westlaw, and their constant free pizza**, has been defeated! Only took a year! I gained nearly 20 pounds in law school, that's insane. I can't even blame it on the baby, because I only gained 20 with the baby, and left 15 at the hospital. I initially lost the other 5 pounds, and then gained 10 more. Total fail.

But no more. I have dropped a pants size since then (I'm now a 12), although I'm still wearing my baggy dress pants, because I can't afford a whole new wardrobe when I'm still losing weight. And I tend to wear more dresses and skirts in the summer anyway, so why bother? There are pants and skirts that I now fit into, that I haven't fit into in quite awhile. Unfortunately, the majority of clothes I owned before law school are inappropriate for my job now. My last office was business casual, so I had khakis and skirts. Also, most of the stuff is quite out of style (four years ago), and when I manage to reach my goal weight, well, I haven't been that weight since somewhere around 2000, so I will definitely need a new wardrobe! Gift cards to Goodwill are welcome, dear friends!

The real victory is in controlling how much I eat, and also what I eat. There was a time when, if someone said, hey, there's peanut butter pie upstairs in the fridge, it would have been calling my name, begging me to eat it. Now, I just think it's not worth it. I went out to eat with my mom and Cora on Saturday to a Mexican place, and my meal came with dessert. I had a couple bites of ice cream, and then pushed it away. It wasn't worth it. Doesn't mean I'm doing stellar, I mean, I'd be losing more than half a pound a week if I was. But I'm making better choices. Fries don't have to go with everything. I can go to Arby's and get a sandwich and be satisfied with just that. Was the Arby's sandwich great for me? No, but I can still stay within my Points for the day without the fries. So, it's working. I get more full now with less food, and I don't keep eating just for the sake of eating because it tastes good. That in itself is a victory.

Also very important is that I feel good about myself, because I'm accomplishing something. It was like how I felt after passing the bar exam, because for once, in the past three years, I had worked really hard at something and the hard work finally paid off (as opposed to the rest of my law school experience). Honestly, though, I never really had terrible self-esteem about the way I looked, even being fat. I've had bouts of low self-esteem over it in the past, but then I realized that I'm totally smokin' hawt, what do I have to feel bad about? My hawtness cannot be contained by some excess fatness. Of course, now that there is less fat, there is even more hawtness. Look out, world!

And most important is that I'm no longer technically "obese." Finding yourself 50 pounds overweight after law school really sucks, but it sucks even more realizing you're actually obese. I might not have needed two seats on an airplane, or was even quite to the point where I had to stop shopping at "normal size" stores and shop at plus size stores instead, but still, carrying around 50 extra pounds feels like wearing a fat suit. It doesn't even feel like your real body. It's like being eternally pregnant (but without growing an alien and peeing all the time). I'm feeling a lot better without all the extra weight. Even though I still have at least 27 more pounds to lose, I'm now just "overweight." That's got to be better for me. I never had high blood pressure or high cholesterol, but really, it was probably just a matter of time. I'd hate to become a statistic out here in Appalachia, an area so fat, it attracted Jamie Oliver. Now I'm sure that I won't be, and neither will my kid. Win!

** For those of you incoming 1L's out there, do yourself a favor and avoid the Westlaw Free Pizza "Lunch and Learns" and every other pizza-catered event. Even better, demand that, if they're going to cater to lure you and your classmates into becoming addicted to their online research software, they provide healthy foods instead. Student organizations started getting on board with this, because we were all so tired of the pizza everywhere and the fatness that resulted.

MILP Roundup #151

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Politics, Racism and Crazies

Now that the primary is over, it's going to be a long long long seven months til November. I'm going to have to stop reading the news, because the more words that fall out of Rand Paul's mouth, the more disgusted I get. Not because of the epic stupid of many of his positions, but because my fellow citizens are too stupid to realize his positions are stupid, and will vote him into office.

And the media isn't helping, particularly the liberal media. By publicizing some of Paul's stupid statements, they think it's shocking and people will be outraged. Uh, what state do we live in? Paul's epic fail of believing that private businesses should be able to discriminate without the interference of the federal government is horrifying. Paul is a big fat idiot for believing that. But that isn't going to hurt his election chances. In fact, I'll be real surprised if that doesn't give him a boost in the polls.

When I was a teenager, I remember seeing a sign at the city limits in a certain southern town in this state that said something to the effect "if you're black, don't let the sun set on your back." The sign wasn't joking. In my bumfuck hometown, which shares a county line with the second largest city in the state, I've seen crosses set on fire.

That's the extreme in-your-face racism. But there's also the selective racism. The "we hate all black people... oh, except for that one, he's all right." Husband tells a story about his first day of high school when he left the military base (when FIL retired) to go to the county high school. He overheard a conversation between two good ol' boys about how "well, that's fine if it's a black guy we know, but if it's a black guy we don't know, he'll find a cross burned on his lawn."

Then there is the more "every day racism." My high school boyfriend was expressly not allowed to bring black people into his house (his dad was a huge racist), and while the boyfriend was not a self-described racist and did not have a problem with black people per se, he was horrified to find out that I didn't think there was anything wrong with a white person dating a black person. And I know what you're thinking, why would I ever date that guy? Well, that inquiry into my warped psyche is an entirely different kettle of onions, but essentially, his view wasn't out of the ordinary. My view was the one out of the ordinary, and it stemmed, oddly enough, from my upbringing in the Crazy Cult. Crazy Cult loves racial diversity, and doesn't care what you look like or what language you speak, you are welcome into the fold (provided you abide by all of our crazy rules and do all of our crazy things and shun everybody else who doesn't believe exactly the way you do). Two of my white female friends attended school dances/proms with a date who was a black male, not even an actual date, just a companion for the evening, and had parents/other friends flip out about it.

I know what you're thinking, that was a long time ago. I'm "29" now, aren't we all so enlightened now? Yeah, doubt it. Even recently, there was a letter to the editor printed in the hometown rag lamenting a lack of "white pride." And beyond that, I've had conversations with my law school classmates that would shock you (they didn't shock me, I expected it). That chick from Harvard who wrote some dumb e-mail pontificating about the inferior capabilities of black people and it was oh so scandalous that an editor of the Harvard law review could even consider such things that it ended up on ATL and Gawker? No one would have been shocked by that at my law school. It would be, oh yeah, so and so doesn't like black people. Shrug. Not saying it would have been accepted or that people wouldn't have been offended, but it wouldn't have been shocking. And it isn't so out of the ordinary that you would refuse to speak to that person ever again because OMG they're a racist! It wouldn't prevent them from working for a judge, or even running for office. Hell, except for in the more liberal cities, it probably would help.

I know, that's all just anecdotal evidence, where's the real data? No one's going to answer polls honestly that "I don't vote for black people" or "I hate that the government makes me let Mexicans into my store." Racism, even here, is generally more of a subtlety, particularly in the larger cities where those opinions would not be proper to express, and where you still whisper "BLACK" like it's a bad word when you're telling a story and it involved a person who was "BLACK." All I've really got are my experiences living in this state all my life. But we're also a state where rather popular Republican Senator McConnell (who's also now the highest ranking Republican in Washington) only won by 5 points against a Democratic opponent who was not that popular at a time when people were pretty pissed off at Republicans (and I think McConnell was only saved by being the highest ranking Republican in Congress), and in the same election, McCain won the state by nearly 20 points. Now, don't think just because the state is conservative, we only vote Republican. Bill Clinton carried this state twice, and we voted for Jimmy Carter. Also, the southeastern part of the state is strongly Democratic. This dates back to the days of Gov. "Happy" Chandler, and also because of labor union ties. These counties all went to McCain, when they didn't go to either Bush. Not to mention, Democrats picked up two house seats during that election. Finally, in 2004, our other senator, crazy geezer Jim Bunning made racist comments about his opponent Dan Mongiardo (who's Italian-American... so am I, but while I'm pasty white, Mongiardo's olive skinned), including something about him looking like "one of Saddam Hussein's dead sons." There's a lot more to racism than people want to admit, and it very much affects our politics.

I dunno. I was talking about it with Husband last night, because one of our friends made a comment that it would be good to allow businesses to openly discriminate, because then everyone would know who the racists were and not go there, and they'd go out of business. This whole lovely idea of the free market solves everything. Sounds great in theory, except that if a restaurant here hung a sign in its window that said "whites only," it'd be the new hot spot.

Does Rand Paul realize that? Maybe. He's been living in Bowling Green for quite awhile. I don't know much about the western part of the state, so maybe he hasn't had the experiences I've had, but Husband wasn't far from there. I can't imagine that Rand Paul doesn't understand that not allowing businesses to discriminate would lead to a breakdown of our liberties, which would lead to an even further breakdown of our economy.
But what I gather, Rand Paul doesn't understand a lot of things. He's so caught up in his glorious theories of liberatarian constitutionalism that he fails to notice that most of those policies would have devastating effects on the missing liberty he's so desperate to rejuvenate.

And I say all this knowing that Rand Paul is most likely our next senator. Conway has a chance of winning, but it's a huge uphill battle. It just annoys me that people will continue to support that nutbag, and his nuttery only helps.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Primary Fun

Today is Primary Day. I'm making the trip back to The City a little early so I can go vote. Honestly, I normally don't vote in primaries because I usually don't have a strong feeling about who the candidates should end up being. But there are some important races this time and a few folks I want to see run, and a few I don't.

Two of my former bosses are running for district judge. One previously worked for the county attorney's office, and now does criminal defense, and I know he'd make a good judge. The other has worked primarily in insurance defense, in circuit court and federal court, and is a total hot mess. He'd be a disaster on the bench because he is horrifically disorganized. Nice enough guy, but I just can't imagine. Also, a classmate of mine is running for state rep. Good guy, although much too conservative for my liking. Even so, if he gets elected, he'll do good things. He's not on my ballot though, I'm in a different part of town.

Other interesting contests include our county PVA. There's epic drama with the former PVA (who's running again), scandal and allegations of gross nepotism. The current PVA seems to be doing a good job though. Our former mayor is running for mayor again. I probably agree with her politics more than I do our current mayor, but I refuse to vote for her because she was a total bitch to me before she was mayor and she had a case with our firm. She's one of those people who calls other people's staff and tells them what they're going to do for her. Yeah, not so much. But it's not just me holding a grudge, I think it's just indicative of the kind of leader you are when you interact with people that way. You can't get anything done if people hate you. I think the current mayor has done a pretty good job under the bad circumstances he's worked under, even considering our city's War on Commuters, with every major road under some sort of construction, but it needed to be done before the horse nonsense this fall. Traffic is though hell, ugh.

Finally, there's the senate race. Looks like the teabaggers are getting their Republican pick, but the Democratic race is much tighter. I'm voting for the guy I think is most electable (our AG) rather than the candidate I like best (our Lt. Governor). Lt. Gov. ran for that seat last time and lost by a small margin, against the incumbent who is very clearly not lucid. He's retiring (he was forced to), so the seat is open. With the most electable candidate, hopefully we stand a chance against the teabagger pick.

So, that's pretty much it. Going to go vote, and hoping I start feeling better, because I'm not feeling too good today. I don't think Cora is either. I would tell you all about our really bad morning, but I might end up featured on STFU Parents.

Monday, May 17, 2010

MILP Roundup #150

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010



(After 3 1/2 hours of deliberations well into the evening. We were awarded the maximum damages we asked for, which was limited to lost wages, because the judge refused to give the jury an instruction on pain and suffering -- suck. The instructions written by defense counsel were crappily-worded too, but whatev. The judge didn't grant the motion for directed verdict, so at least we made it to the jury at all. Still a six-figure win, so yay!)

Now to start writing the appellate response brief...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Run down

The past week and a half has been insane.

Last week, I made three round trips between The City and Small Town. To Small Town Monday morning with Cora, back to The City Tuesday night with Cora. Back to Small Town Wednesday morning, back to The City on Thursday night. Friday morning was Husband's graduation, from which I had to cut out early, because I had to go back to Small Town to meet with our client and prepare for trial. (The Boss said I could skip it, but I would have felt horrible, and I did a lot of work to prepare for this thing, I wanted to partake.) So, we prepped for trial, and felt really good about it. The Boss seemed pleased with my work, so that's good. Then back to The City for Husband's graduation party. We ate a lot and drank a lot.

Unfortunately, we all either got food poisoning, or passed around a stomach virus, because most people got sick two days later. Couldn't figure out which it was, because not everyone that got sick ate the same things. Also, people who either left early or came late (but also ate) did not get sick. Totally can't figure it out. But to be safe, we threw out the leftovers. I swear, we didn't mean to try to kill anyone. Maybe it was the e coli lettuce outbreak, who knows.

Cora had a good time at the party with her friends J and J's cousin A, as pictured. Their friend L was also there, but she was being more aloof and playing alone, rather than destroying our neighbor's giant tree thing that, in all fairness, is technically invading our yard. (Not that we mind, we barely have plants in our yard at all.)

J, Cora and A -- adorable destroyers of trees

Cora also had a very good time with "Papa" and her other "Mama," as Husbands parents were in town for the festivities. MIL is in the process of moving back to Home Fort, and will be back living with FIL as of Memorial Day. That's bound to be a big adjustment for them, since they've been living apart for two years now. Reminds me that I'm glad Husband has taken a job working nights!

Oh, and that's the big news: Husband got a job! He is not making the dolla dolla billz he'd hoped he would, but it is still a significant pay increase. He'll work three night shifts a week, so we'll keep doing what we're doing now. (His job is in The City. There weren't any jobs open in the hospitals out here. The only jobs open required experience.) But, no big deal. We're just glad he got a job he really likes, and whatever happens next, we'll play by ear.

Cora stayed in The City this week because of the trial, and spent the night with her friend J on Sunday night while Husband was at work, and since I had to be at the courthouse early on Monday morning. She seemed to have a good time with that. I miss her terribly, though. I'm used to having her Sunday and Monday nights, and being with her and Husband on Tuesday nights, so it really sucks that I'm out here in Small Town by myself, and it's only Tuesday.

Also, while our trial is going really well and we're pretty sure the jury loves our guy and hates the other guys, we're also pretty sure the judge is going to scuttle the whole thing and grant a directed verdict. Employment law case. I just love at-will employment, where the employers get to argue that they're total and complete dicks and fired the employee for a horrific unconscionable reason, but it doesn't exactly fit absolutely completely into the definition of this one statute which is your only cause of action, so it's all good. We find out tomorrow if the judge agrees with them, or lets us go to the jury. Ugh.

In the meantime, I worked late tonight to get my other work caught up. Wouldn't want my lunatic family law clients to think I'm neglecting them and jump me in an alley.

Sigh. Is it too late to go into estate planning instead?

Monday, May 10, 2010

MILP #149

Is at PT-Lawmom. Back here next week.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Attempted Death by Old People and Other Misc. Aches and Pains

I just dropped a butt-load on car repairs. I stupidly didn't call the cops on Thursday after old people ran me off the road out in BFE, because I figured I didn't hit anything, I just went into the grassy median and the car seemed just fine. There wasn't even a curb, just grass. So, the next day my car was making a thumping noise, which turned out to be the tire, and I also needed new tie rods. Of course, I probably already needed new tie rods, the off-roading was probably just the final straw. Sucks I had to pay that much because old people can't drive. I really should have called the cops just because old people shouldn't be out driving if they're going to try to kill people. (They turned onto the road I was driving on, and ended up in both lanes. I slammed on my brakes, and should have had enough time to stop, except when Old Geezer realized what he'd done, probably hearing my horn blaring and the squealing of my tires, instead of doing something sensible, like swerving into the empty lane, or accelerating, he fucking brakes while still half-way in my lane. As though braking will help the situation. So that's when I had to go off-roading to avoid rear-ending the large pickup truck in my Corolla, although I was probably only going about 15 mph by the time I left the roadway, which is why I thought the car couldn't possibly be damaged. Next time, I'm just smashing into the back of the Old People-Mobile and making a claim for extensive bodily injuries in the form of soft tissue damage. Lesson learned.)

Anyway, was in seriously bad mood Friday after that happened, then Husband pissed me off, so then I was in EPIC bad mood and went to bed very early Friday night. I went to pilates Saturday and I swear I can actually see a difference in my triceps (and oh my they hurt). I wish I could see a difference in my abs, because they really hurt too. I then went to a friend's house to watch some Doctor Who and then we watched the Derby. My horse did not win, he only placed. But that's okay, I no longer bet on Derby horses ever since I killed Eight Belles. (May she RIP.)

I came in late to work this morning, because the weather was so bad last night, I didn't want to risk driving (particularly since I just had a butt-load of work done to my car). And a friend of mine totaled her car on that same stretch of interstate last night too (the rain was really heavy), so I figured that was a good indication I should wait til the roads were clear.

Fortunately today has been largely uneventful. I went to Court, went to the doctor during lunch to have my girl parts poked at (they're still there) and where I had to sit there and think for a moment what my real age actually is because I really have convinced myself I'm still 29, and finally, we have new dictaphones made this century, the digital kind, yay! Except they don't work yet. IT Fail. Oh well, eventually, we'll get it done.

So that's been my weekend or so. Husband graduates this Friday, so suckily, I have to take an entire day off work the Friday before our Monday trial. Fortunately, this case was fully prepped for trial previously (it was rescheduled) so shouldn't be a very big deal. Still hate being out that day though. I just really really hope we win this trial, and I stop being a jinx. Apparently I kill both race horses and trials. Maybe I'll find a bookie and bet on the defense winning, that way the defense attorney will trip and fall on the way to the table and have to be put down in the courtroom. (Eh, that'd only get us a mistrial anyway.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MILP Roundup #148

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