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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Years

Three years ago last night, I packed up my Insurance Law book and my laptop, and headed to maternity triage. My Insurance final was scheduled for the next morning; I was pretty sure I'd be doing the walk of shame out of there, and still taking my final. Nope. I had a baby instead.

'Cause Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code says so, Bitches.

Then, of course, even though she was perfectly fine at this doctor's visit on Christmas Eve...


... we ended up in ER the day after Christmas, with a very sick little bunny.

Even so, we were soon enough back to our old selves (minus a lung lobe).

The tongue still works fine.

Life went on, and so did law school.

However, Tax was pretty much a lost cause.

Time passed and we learned a variety of lessons, such as...

Human flesh is tasty...

...and so are duckies.

Dogs are a girl's best friend...

...and giant purple bunnies.

And, most importantly, being a fairy means people give you candy.

The kid has developed her own personality full of things she is passionate about:

Disney Critters in general. Personally, I'll take the fish over the mouse, but the Mouse is the current fav, followed by Disney princesses and fairies.

The great outdoors.

Dog lover.

A passionate love of chocolate.

Equine enthusiast

Fabulous footwear

Budding musician

Happy Birthday, Cora!

The Birthday Girl


LL said...

Happy Birthday Cora! Love the picture retrospective- she's such a cutie :)

Mama said...

Happy birthday, big girl!

Butterflyfish said...

Happy birthday Cora... and Mommy. Love the pics.

E.H. said...

I still think that chocolate picture is THE BEST. Second favorite is the rapt attention at the horse show. Awesome.

Hope she's feeling better!

Sands said...

Awwww, these pictures are adorable! I totally laughed at "'Cause Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code says so, Bitches."! You're too funny!

PS: Happy birthday to the big girl!


Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to your adorable little girl!!! My son would LOVE her :)