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Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

Cora and I took a snow day today. We got hit by some nasty weather, most of which will hopefully have melted by the time I have to go to court tomorrow in a surrounding county. It's cold as crap, and we're getting more snow on Wednesday.

It was a nice day at home. We read books, played games, and played with her "friends" (her stuffed animals/dolls). Her new favorite thing is to hand an adult a pencil and paper and make us write words. "Spell me" and "spell Mommy" and "spell Daddy" and then it goes into every word imaginable. Good for her learning to read and write, I suppose, but by the billionth word it gets a little old. What's really cute is that she knows her full name now. She's been working on that in school. However, I suspect they are mispronouncing our last name, because instead of making an "eh" sound in the name, she's making an "ah" sound, which is how most people misspell our last name. We worked on that as well. So far the only word she consistently spells right is her own name, but hopefully all the spelling will soak in and it isn't just the novelty of making the monkeys perform. Anyway, she was in a really good mood today, and even took a nice long nap with me. I love a snuggly little bunny to nap with, which does not happen very often. I wish she would nap every day, because she is in such a great mood when she's had a nap. Much less whiny and hateful. She was just a complete joy today. If every day could be like today, then I'd happily stay home with her. (Of course, even on her bad days, she's usually still better behaved then most of my clients.)

It was also a nice day off of work. I got a ton of stuff done over the weekend, both work and getting the house ready for the Christmas invasion of relatives (and their various canines). Still plenty of work to do downstairs, but I got Cora's room cleaned out (she also has a new big girl bed) and the living room and dining room cleaned up. My office space downstairs has been reorganized, and I'm just waiting for Husband to clean up all of his crap so that we can move some furniture around. Maybe after 5+ years in our house, we'll finally be "settled" in.

As for practicing law... ugh. I'm ready for a break. Very glad tomorrow is my last court appearance for the month. I'm trying to fulfill some "New Year's Resolutions" early, so I can focus on continuing good habits of organization and motivation. Blah. I know I need to really work on marketing and advertising in January and start building a client base. Double blah. I actually got a pseudo-rejection letter on Saturday from the firm that was not that into me. Apparently they are totally into me -- they're just broke. Or at least that's what I got from the letter. It was something to the effect of them having gone through restructuring and as a result they are unable to add an associate at this time, but promised that if something changes over the next few months, I would be considered for the job. I guess that makes me feel better. Maybe it'll materialize into something, who knows. I need to send a letter back and let them know I'm still interested. I would gladly go back to insurance defense, how pathetic is that? Honestly, it made me less sad for humanity. My work now? Makes me sad for humanity.

Family court is really just full of the worst people imaginable. I prefer criminals, they are much more amusing (unless they've actually hurt someone). There are tons of hilarious criminals. Like the drag queen bank robber, or the Duct Tape Bandit. Family court, though, is just always sad. Regardless of how ridiculous these people are, they have kids, which automatically makes it not funny. A couple of my law school chums are assistant county attorneys in child support, and they see some pretty crazy shit. All of which is rendered unfunny because these lunatics are parents. Ugh.

I dunno. I guess if I'm going to continue practicing on my own, I need to find a niche. I attended a session on Elder Law at the law update a couple weeks ago, and that sounded really promising, but I don't know if I can deal with the tax stuff. If I want to go that route, I think I need to go back and do some classwork in accounting and whatnot. (Which I'll probably eventually have to do to defer my student loans since I can't afford to pay them.) My only reservation being that I like old people about as much as I like family law clients and auto accident plaintiffs. I think maybe I don't like people in general. Again, I'm probably in the wrong profession. There should be a personality test before entering law school.

Question: "Do you hate people?"

Answer: Yes.

Result: You shouldn't be a lawyer.

Now you tell me.


Laurie said...

I find it strange that people mispronounce your last name. It seems pretty obvious to me!

How about forensic law? Because that would be awesome. Or at least it sounds awesome. I don't know jack about it!

Michael said...

Can't beat a snow day, eh?! :-)