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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution time

As we say goodbye to 2010, it's time for those resolutions, and to reflect on the resolutions from the end of 2009.

First, reflections...

1. Get more sleep. I still routinely go to bed between midnight and 2am. However, since my pseudo-self-employment, I do not usually have to wake up before 9am. I have to get up early only when I have court and on the days I'm at the clinic (I won't have parking otherwise). So, that sorta counts, right?

2. Lose 10 pounds and run a 5K. I lost 20 pounds last year! Win! I did not run a 5K. Oh well. I did manage to get my run time for a 1.5 mile to 15 minutes, but that is still 1 minute short of the minimum requirement for awesome federal agency that investigates stuff. Then I backpedaled into epic laziness and I haven't been to the gym or been running since I took the written exam. Fail!

3. Debt. I paid down my credit cards by $3,000.00 and I paid off two of my little student loans (Perkins loans or whatever) that were $2,000.00, for a total of $5,000.00 of debt paid down, (in addition to whatever miniscule amount of principal I paid on the federal loans and Sallie Mae loans, probably like twelve cents.) However, I did just charge a few hundred dollars on my credit card over Christmas, which is the first time I've charged anything to the credit card all year.

4. Work stuff. I did make attempts to modernize my former office. We got digital dictaphones, replacing the absurdly old ones we had. However, other attempts at updating and modernizing did not work well. (If others don't want to change, it's tough to do.)

5. Recreation. I started playing the violin again some, which encouraged Cora's interest in the instrument (although Elmo gets most of the credit). I have not been reading as much as I would like, but I have actually read some books and I have resurrected our book club! I have not written anything substantial, but I have started outlining article ideas and even some ideas for a book.

So, for 2011:

1. Getting back on the weight loss bandwagon. When I moved back home, I was 20 pounds lighter than when I left... and have stayed the same since then. Probably even packed on five pounds over Christmas. I went shopping yesterday and am still in limbo between a size 10 and 12 (and a 14 depending if it's too snug in the bewbs). I need to lose another 30 pounds, but frankly, I'd be thrilled to lose 15. So, that's what I'm going to shoot for: 15 pounds. Of course, that may be complicated with an impending second pregnancy, but I refuse to think about that right now. I just bought new clothes. But, I also need to hit the gym. Again, I want to be able to pass that damn fitness test. Fourteen proper pushups! Argh!

2. Get organized. I need to manage my time better, so that I can feel more relaxed, and feel like I have more time to myself. Since I lost my job, that's what I miss the most: time for myself. Yesterday, I "played hooky" and went shopping. Today, I got my hair and make-up done and got some photos done for my website/the MLP website. (I look totally hawt too.) I need to work smarter, not harder, and play more.

3. Build up my practice. I want to have a real practice, not the pseudo practice that works from home/someone else's office. I want a real office too. So, I need to get my butt in gear and make it happen. I need to advertise, I need to start networking more. I need to realize that this is it, this is what I've got, and I need to make it work, or I might as well start applying for jobs at Starbucks.

4. Drink more. This too will be scuttled by impending pregnancy, but seriously, I need to kick back and enjoy myself. I've been stressing too much, carrying around everyone else's baggage. If I don't chill out, I'm going to end up like all of my classmates, doped up to the gills on anti-anxiety medication. I've always prided myself on my detachment and apathy, which has made me good at my job. Lately, I take everything too seriously. For instance, I got all pissy yesterday because an attorney filed a motion for default judgment against my client, saying he never filed an answer after my motion was overruled for plaintiffs' to plead with specificity (per the civil rules for a fraud case; they attached an affidavit that was more specific and it put the matter to rest and I immediately filed the answer afterwards in August.) I was all offended, like, what he thinks I'm too stupid to have filed an answer, he didn't think to give me a courtesy call and say, hey, did you file an answer? Or call the clerk's office to see if one was filed? Or check CourtNet to see if one was filed? It just got me all in a tizzy. Then I realized, WTF am I all pissy about? Fax him a copy of the answer, file a response with the court, forget about it. You can't help when other people don't have good manners, so don't be pissy, just get over it.

5. Suck it up. I whine a lot. A whole damn lot. And everything is about me. I need to stop internalizing everything too. So, I need to suck it up, stop whining and put things into perspective. I watched Hotel Rwanda last night. You think your life sucks? Try genocide. Or "acts of genocide" as the case may be. My life is pretty damn good.

6. Spend more time with the husband. I spend a lot of time with the kid, not much time with the husband. I think we need some time away. Especially if he expects to procreate again. Need time away not thinking about the law, or kiddies, or other people's drama.

Hopefully with all of those things, I will be more zen-like by 2012.

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FB said...

Regarding time management, I highly highly recommend this book: http://www.amazon.com/Now-Habit-Overcoming-Procrastination-Guilt-Free/dp/0874775043. (That is, if you have the same impediments to life that I do ....) I just happened upon this at Borders and every page seems like it is directed AT ME personally. One of the main themes in the book is that we do better work when we have more fun when we're not working, which is pretty much the opposite of what I do currently.