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Friday, November 26, 2010


I seriously think yesterday and today were the first two actual days off I've had since I lost my job in June, where I did not do a single moment's work. I did absolutely no work whatsoever, and it was fabulous.

I love for Thanksgiving to be inclusive, and we've always loved opening it up for anyone who needed a place to be. Over the years this has included friends and classmates who couldn't go home to their families. As I was always the person who didn't have a place to go on Thanksgiving (before having a home with Husband), that's always been important to me, and something I want Cora to share.

So, we had a huge dinner yesterday and, as usual, an extraordinary amount of wine. Amazingly did not have a hangover today, although I did sleep until noon. That's always nice. The in-laws took Cora to Target for some clothes/shoe shopping, which she was very excited about. She was very opinionated and told Grandma exactly which clothes she did and did not like, especially the shoes.

Later in the day, we decided to take her to the movies to go see Tangled. Cora had never been to the movies before, but she will sit still and watch an entire movie at home, so I didn't expect she'd have any issues at the theater. The only issue we had was Cora being too small to sit in the chair herself, because it kept folding up on her. Whoops! So, she sat in Grandma's lap the whole time. She absolutely loved the whole experience, from the popcorn to the really big TV, and especially the princess. The princess had yellow hair, just like Cora, and when she got a haircut, it turned brown. (Little does Cora know that will happen to her in a few years.) Very cute movie, although like with Princess and the Frog, I don't think it's quite up to par with Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid as far as musical score. However, I like the modernization of the fairy tale, and I totally crush on Zachary Levi, so I could listen to him all day.

I'm taking one more day off on Saturday, then I have a ton of work to do on Sunday. We have a two-day Law Update this week I'll be attending on behalf of the MLP. Also present will be our school's mascot. At least I'm far enough up the totem pole that I won't be wearing a costume.

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WNWLitigator said...

It's so wonderful of you to include everyone in your Thanksgiving plans! I feel bad for the people I know who are not near family but because I didn't host thanksgiving I didn't feel like I could invite them all over to my in-laws (though I really wanted to). We're thinking of taking Jacob to see that movie- not sure if we are brave enough yet