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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of drugs and other ethics violations

Looking back on this year, I feel like I've done nothing but CLE's. I think I would have enough CLE's to carry over for like 3 years if we could do so. Most of it has been pointless, but oh well. For instance, I heard the KYLAP presentation for (seriously) the sixth time today, over the past 4 years. Yes, lawyers are a bunch of seriously depressed drunkards who are unhinged enough to steal all of their clients' money out of escrow and spend it by snorting coke off some whore's ass at an illegal poker game. Or maybe we're just a largely unhappy bunch because our clients drive us crazy, our colleagues drive us crazy, and our bar is so saturated with lawyers we can't earn a decent living and pay off the absurd amount of student loans we took out in order to enter this absurd profession. Oh well. I'd have to actually have money in escrow before I could spend it on hookers and blow, so I'm pretty sure I won't be committing any ethics violations (at least not of that sort... I'm certain if I ever commit an ethics violation it will be because I fail epically at math).

Anyway, some stuff about today was interesting. Surprisingly enough the court of appeals judges were the most entertaining panelists, and reviewed some really interesting cases. The supreme court stuff gets everyone's attention, so the ones that apply to my area of practice are publicized and I've already read them. For instance, stepparents and gay partners can now be considered de facto custodians of children, which gives them standing for custody. And finally spouses can make a loss of consortium claim for death of spouse (not just incapacitation), which was pretty much stupid that they couldn't before, but whatever. Even so, tomorrow should be more interesting. I'm manning the table for the MLP, and my cohorts are presenting.

Still very busy in family court, and taking on a few personal injury cases, folks with some minimal injuries. My friend's mom works for a chiropractor, so she keeps telling people to call me. Cases with clear liability, and limited damages. Not a lot of money involved, but probably not a lot of time and investment of money involved either.

Speaking of insurance though, it reminds me I need to up my PIP coverage and also my underinsured motorist coverage. I got a random quote in the mail from a car insurance company today, and was impressed with the price until I realized: the quote was for $25,000 policy limits. I forget people carry so little coverage in our state, it's ridiculous. And underinsured motorist coverage is not mandatory, so it often gets left out of policies. Not cool.

Oh well. I found out today one of my friends from law school is working on his masters in education and is planning to quit practicing law and start teaching high school. Remember that show Boston Public, where the chick from Voyager goes from being a Big Law attorney to teaching high school? I was like, pshaw, whatever, like you'd quit a job making tons of money and being important and doing important things to go talk at a group of juvenile miscreants. Oh naivety. If I didn't hate other people's children almost as much as I hate other lawyers and clients, and well, the general population of unwashed masses, I might do the same. Yeah, I really need a better attitude about practicing law. I'm not sure when I turned into such a curmudgeon, but it happened. I'm now one of those attorneys I always rolled my eyes at, who would tell other people "Don't go to law school! Do something meaningful with your life!" Yeah... curmudgeonly. I think if the job at the MLP doesn't turn into a permanent full-time gig, I might need to seriously re-evaluate my career path so I stop being such a curmudgeon.


Laurie said...

Hookers and blow? How about Prada? That would be much more fun to blow the money on.

Good tip on the under insured motorists policy. I'll have to make sure we have that on ours.

Rhiannon said...

Super excited about the stepparent/gay parent de facto custodian decision. I actually wrote my major paper on this in law school...