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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got the part-time coordinator job I interviewed for on Monday. Yay!! Totally excited and definitely not the career path I thought I would be on six years ago when I applied to law school. I also never thought I'd be an employee of my alma mater, eek! But very excited and looking forward to a job I think is actually kinda perfect for me.

I will also continue to practice law part-time and looks like I will also be doing some contract work for a friend's law firm. Plenty of stuff going on, so hopefully it earns me the dolla billz. Because I owe quite a few dolla billz to the student loan people.

I think at some point my new dream is for this job to become full time so I get benefits from the university and I get to go back to school for free and get my PhD in history and when I retire, write really boring books on really boring topics that no one will ever read. That would be lovely.

Of course, there's still the government job to investigate stuff, but considering I keep losing and gaining the same five pounds, and my knee has been killing me, I'm not sure when exactly I'll be passing that fitness test. Oh, and the husband expects me to gestate another human soon, which is total crap. Next marriage, I'm going for someone with a uterus! Stupid men who can't grow children, bah.


Shantelle said...


My husband has totally offered to grow us a baby once "technology catches up."

We both really want another one, but I just don't see how unless we adopt. Maybe someday!

Izzie said...

Congrats on the job and HAHA on the whole next marriage thing. Gestation is a lot harder than it looks! Men. :P

Butterflyfish said...

Men have no idea.

Michael said...

Fantastic news - well done! :-)

Michael said...

Fantastic news - well done! :-)

Michael said...
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Nina said...

Congrats! FYI: email from me coming your way. =)

J said...

So excited for you!!!!!

And I have to say in your earlier post, Cora is a real trooper! I also fully thumbs up her choice of Gaga songs, Poker Face is my son's fave too :)

Congrats on the job!

LEO said...

I'm so late to the party, but Congratulations!!