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Monday, June 21, 2010

Work at home parent? Oh nos.

Since my job leads have been exhausted, and I've gotten either rejection letters or no response at all, it looks more and more like Proto Attorney Law Office is the future of my legal career. Never ever ever in my life did I imagine that would be my career.

Lots of people dream of owning their own businesses, and working for themselves. There are plenty of lawyers that never intend to work for someone else, and want to open their own firms immediately. I'm not one of those people. While I do know what a business plan is, I've never felt the urge to create one. I've never thought of selling things on the internet, or opening a franchise, or anything else that entrepreneurs do. I'm really more of a punch-the-time-clock kinda gal. So now I have to learn how to work on my own, be responsible for myself, market myself and become a rainmaker.

The other aspect to it is the "flexibility" for parenthood, particularly for additional procreation. Goody. Because I do so love vomiting five months at a time. Ugh, I should have married someone with a uterus instead.

Oh well. There are benefits to it. I do the work I want to do, not the work I'm forced to do. That I like. I also like the idea of not working downtown, because I hate working downtown. Traffic is a nightmare, and the current War on Commuters/Pedestrians has made it even worse (a/k/a massive reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, etc. in preparation for the Horse Game Invasion this fall). If I only had to go downtown for court appearances, I'd definitely prefer it. Also, I can quickly get to the courthouses in three of our surrounding counties, so no problem there.

But, it would be nice to have more time with the family during the day to be flexible. I can continue keeping Cora with me on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless I need to be in court, then I can send her to daycare an extra day. This morning, we went to the pool, and then this evening, we went for a walk and to the park. That was nice. Exhausting, but nice. I would not be getting any work done, that's for sure. But that'll work itself out.

I'm still working on getting re-acclimated into my old life. Spending A LOT of time with Husband (he has been getting very close to meeting the business end of a pillow, however). Spending more time with Cora. Actually seeing my friends. Not having ANY alone time. Eek. Wednesday, when Cora's in daycare, I'm going to spend some time by myself, getting stuff done for the Proto Attorney Law Firm, by myself. Did I mention by myself? By myself.


E.H. said...

I know your pain. Oh, how I know your pain. :)

LEO said...

"by myself" might be the loveliest phrase I've read all night. What I wouldn't give or do to have alone time.

麗芬 said...


Googie Baba said...

Good luck Protoattorney. I know you will be great. BTW - I used to make web sites for a living. I studying for the bar now, but if you want one in August, email me. I will throw a quick one up for you for free.