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Sunday, June 27, 2010

MILP Roundup #156

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup** is hosted on a rotating basis at the PT-Lawmom, Attorney Work Product and Butterflyfish blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday morning. Next week, Butterflyfish has it.

What's up with the MILPs?

PT-Lawmom is all wrapped up.

Shantelle is furnishing her law dungeon.

Dakota has a new home.

-R- gets no separation anxiety.
Grace is growing an overripe watermelon.

LC uses technology to manage late-night shoe shopping.

Dinei has arrived.

Googiebaba experiences the likely correlation between bar review and horrific illness.

LEO has an 18 month old.

Cee should also ask for some tequila in her Motions for Lime.

keeps swimming.

CM has real estate.

RG is home, feeding the baby.

Butterflyfish is looking for a safe date.

LL has professional photos.

Izzie has grades.

There is birthday party success in the Erbgarden.

If you would like to have your blog added to the MILP blogroll for weekly review or would like us to consider a specific post, drop the hostess(es) an email or leave a comment at their respective sites.

**Hat tip to the “original” Roundup Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and Thanks, But No Thanks

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