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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life on Unemployment

I've been remarkably busy for someone who has no job. I don't really understand how looking for a job can be more time-consuming than actually having a job, but I digress.

In addition to contacting everyone I know for job leads, meeting new people through networking events and general schmoozing, and surfing the web for any crumb of job leads, I've also been prepping to go out on my own. I'm all set up, and my malpractice policy will be in effect as soon as I make the payment. I have a PO Box, a phone line, a business bank account, an IOLTA account, a new all-in-one print/copy/fax machine I got super cheap at Staples because it is a discontinued floor model, business cards that look pretty decent considering I printed them myself, and I will soon have a website up and running once I sort through all the silly bar association regulations on advertising. I need to figure out what to do with advertising, since there are all these rules that govern it, and every ad has to be approved, and re-approved if there are any changes to the ad, including font and font size. Headaches.

I have signed up to volunteer for some pro bono programs, and I'm getting on the list for reduced-fee referrals. I'm excited about that one. I really like the idea of practicing law "on the cheap" by working from home, and being able to pass the savings along to clients and represent people who don't have the expendable income to hire an attorney but don't qualify for Legal Aid. i.e. The Working Class. I think it's all-around a good thing.

Unfortunately, since The City is all filled up for the court appointment list, I'm having to concentrate on the surrounding counties and will likely be doing a lot more traveling. Which isn't so great because I don't have a car; Monday night I totaled it on a fucking deer.

Fucking deer

We drove out to Husband's parents' house Monday afternoon because his sister was in town with our niece and nephew. Since we don't get to see them very often, we stayed much later than we normally would have, leaving at 9pm, which put us on the Parkway after dark, something we don't like to do because there are so many fucking deer. This particular stupid ass deer was dilly-dallying in the middle of the road, and of course, it's dark, I can't see it until we're right up on it, even with my brights on, and being a deer, it's fucking stupid and doesn't get out of the way. So, I was able to swerve enough to not hit it straight on, instead nailing its ass with the right side of my hood/fender, which probably saved both the windshield and our lives. I always imagined my Corolla would crunch like a tuna can if I was ever in a wreck, but as a testament to Toyota, the only thing wrong with the car is the hood/fender where the deer hit. The car is still running and completely drivable, although as the guy at the repair shop scolded me for, I shouldn't be driving it because the hood is no longer secure and could fly up. The estimate to fix the hood was well over what the car's worth, so it's totaled. I have no idea what the insurance company will offer me as a settlement (less my $1K deductible, of course), they use their own software that varies from NADA values, so no idea. I'd better get between $2K to $3K or I'll be pissed as all hell. I also won't be buying another car until I know I will be able to pay for it, and since I'm not working and Husband will be working three nights a week, I can't justify getting another car right now.

Oh, and for those of you wondering what happened to the deer, it scampered off to likely wreck someone else's car before it finally descends into Wildlife Hell. Fucking deer.

Fuck you, Bambi

Anyway, aside from the subsequent death of Mrs. Car, we had a good time with the family. Cora had a lot of fun playing with her cousin and really liked when Papa set off fireworks and Daddy helped her hold sparklers.

Watering Grandma's flowers


Aside from Car Fail, the other technology fail we've experienced (the TV died, Husband's check engine light came on, my laptop is on the fritz, and even our living room clock died), things are pretty good. Lots of time spent with Cora at the pool, going to the park, taking walks, and time with friends and Husband hanging out and drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. I've gained 2 pounds since I moved back. That's not good. But I've done better this week, and am back on the wagon. Hopefully I'll see a loss for next week.

We're still doing Baby Ballet, with limited success. It's been really good for her, I think, since she is just so uncoordinated, and they work on things like jumping and skipping. Her attempts at jumping are pretty cute. She's getting better, but still far behind the other girls in the class, many of which are younger than her. I'm all for telling kids they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up, but let's be honest, there are just things at which some people will never excel. Athleticism is definitely one for our gene pool. When we had our final check-up with the surgical group, the doctor said her lung will be fine and she can grow up to be an Olympic athlete. I just laughed.

Bunny hop


Izzie said...

I have to say I LOVE the jumps. I'm glad you're all ok after the run in with those things. They are cute and all, but suck ass when it comes to driving around them!

Shantelle said...

HA! That is the cutest thing EVER! Your positive attitude (minus hating Bambi, which I totally support) is inspiring.

Butterflyfish said...

Ditto Shantelle

亦妮亦妮 said...


Googie Baba said...

I can't believe you hit a deer. I think bad luck comes in threes so things have just got to turn around soon.

I'm glad everyone is ok.

Jackie O'Brien said...

Unemployment can be tough, but there's always hope. You need to keep the positive attitude! I've been a realtor in Natick for a number of years now, but being in the real estate market can be very volatile and scary. You never know what could happen if the real estate market absolutely crashed.