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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This weekend was pretty busy. Cora and I went to the local carnival with her friend J and J's parents and little sister. We ate carnival food (diet fail), rode the carousel (which Cora hated, although she did thank the horsies after it was over), and Cora won a blue stuffed dolphin by picking up a rubber ducky in the bucket of rubber duckies (with a particular letter written on its posterior). Then we took the kids to the playground.

I'd made plans to take Cora to the drive-in with them Sunday evening, but unbeknownst to Husband (until Saturday night), he actually wasn't working Sunday night. And he's lame and didn't want to see Shrek, so we canceled. Instead, we went out for sushi, then after Cora's bedtime, we stayed up way too late getting caught up on the last few episodes of Doctor Who. Fabulous, but I still can't get over the fact that Eleven looks like George McFly. (I miss David Tennant's hawtness. Sigh.)

Husband actually had a Sunday night off work, so yesterday we finally took Cora to the Aquarium (an hour north of us). It's been almost a year since she's been to an aquarium, we went to the one in Niagara last year. She is kinda obsessed with fish, and the pet store fish just weren't cutting it. Needless to say, she was very very excited about the aquarium. I thought her little head was going to pop off when she saw the tank full of "Nemos." She also really liked the sharks, and we took home some plastic sharks and a stuffed animal shark, to add to her fishy collection. The aquarium made us hungry, so then we had lunch on the patio of the Irish pub, overlooking the river, so we could watch the boats go by.

In awe of fish

Afterwards, we headed back to town, and went to the cemetery. They were doing a big Memorial Day event that morning, so we figured it was safe to go in the afternoon. We put flowers on my grandmother's and aunt's graves, and we let Cora keep a flower for herself. Which she later destroyed in Husband's car by pulling off all of the petals and making a huge mess.

Sunflowers and Bunny

Then Husband's mom got into town (she's in the process of moving back in with his dad, since she's been transferred back to the Home Fort), and we had dinner and she spent the night. So, Cora got lots of time with "Mama." She was all smiles this morning, loving the attention.

I left for work about 7:30 and it has been complete insanity, nonstop, all day. Lots of new clients, and lots of stuff to do. And totally disappointed that one of my criminal clients wanted to plead out. It was just a misdemeanor and he'd spend more money having to come back to the state to do a suppression hearing, but dammit, it's injustice and I wanted to fight it! He's like, yeah, whatever, I'll just pay the fine. Oh well. Injustice: 1, Me: 0.

In other news, our four-year wedding anniversary is on Thursday. Husband works Friday and Saturday. But, it's his last weekend of work (he's taking June off to study for his exam), and hopefully he won't be working every weekend at his new job. So, we're going to celebrate next weekend. Four years since we got married, I quit my job, we went to Europe, and then I started law school. Most of it was good. That law school thing sucked pretty hard though.


Flaim said...

Happy early anniversary!

LL said...

Happy almost Anniversary! And I love the picture of Cora in awe of the fish -- you were able to capture that awe perfectly!

southernfemalelawyer said...

Holy Crap - your spawn is adorable! Maybe someday ours can team up and set some stuff on fire.