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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2 of Impending Unemployment

Husband and Cora went back to The City today. After much deliberation, we decided to come back on Saturday to move the furniture. There isn't much: my music equipment, mattress and box spring, Cora's mattress, the couch, the dresser, a little bookshelf, coffee table and the elliptical. I packed a bunch of stuff last night and sent it home with them, and I'll be packing up all my clothes tonight. I'll finish cleaning the apartment tomorrow night since the utilities will be turned off sometime Friday.

I had dinner with my neighbor tonight. I'll miss hanging out with her, she's fun. We're the outsiders here, new to our professions, so we bonded. After dinner, we went to the mall for some retail therapy, even though I don't have any money to spend. I did pay $8 for some Spanish language CD's at Borders though. I figure I can use my time off to brush up on my Spanish, and maybe that will make me more marketable. (Randomly, my kid counts in Spanish now. Perhaps I should pay closer attention to her school curriculum, but I had no idea they were learning Spanish. Oh well. We can work on it together.) I also bought Cora two pairs of shoes that were on sale. She needed sandals, and they had a rainbow colored pair that I know she'll love.

I have a few job leads. Nothing fabulous, but sounds promising. And I figure since I didn't get a severance package, I was at least entitled to printing out a gazillion copies of my newly-updated resume, so there's that at least. I'm also looking into the costs of malpractice insurance because I figure, what the hay, I might as well hang my own shingle for awhile since the job market sucks so bad. If nothing else, it'll prolong my unemployment benefits if I can earn some money. That's what I did last time I drew unemployment -- I did substitute teaching to make the money last longer. If I draft an occasional will or do a non-contested divorce here and there, all the better.

Husband keeps freaking about the money. He needs to stop freaking out and start studying for his exam, or he'll have a real reason to freak about the money. I'm also not the type of person who's going to make him work himself to death picking up extra shifts while I sit on my ass. If I have to go wait tables to pay my share of the bills, I'll go wait tables. Whatever.

Anyway, soooooo not looking forward to the nice long wait at the unemployment office on Monday. I have a new last name since I last drew benefits, so I have to go wait in line just to show them my marriage license. Stupidity. Most of the people who work there are effing rude too. Can't wait.

I'm also going to go harass the law school career services folks. I'm sure they'll be absolutely no help, but I would like to know what options, if any, there are for public interest law loan forgiveness programs. I remember seeing something about that recently, but since I wasn't doing public interest law, I skipped over it. Maybe some of you out there know about it?


Dinei said...

oh! I know the answer to the loan forgiveness question. Yay, me.

Basically, you can structure your federal loans so that you're only repaying them at a minimal rate (tied to income) and after 120 payments/10 years, the remainder is forgiven. It's not as awesome as some school forgiveness, where they pay it for you or forgive as you go, but it's better than a kick in the ass.

Check it out:


five tomatoes said...

I am happy to answer any forgiveness questions you have...Dinei did a good job summing it up. I'm a pretty big advocate for this and am taking advantage of it.

To give you an idea of what my public service loan forgiveness is like, I'm on Income-Based Repayment right now. I had $75,000 in loans when I graduated, I make about $65,000 a year (my AGI is 50k), and my loan payments are currently $460/month. Way more manageable than they would be under standard repayment, and the balance gets forgiven after I spent 10 years working for the man.

Alex Peterson said...

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