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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Run down

The past week and a half has been insane.

Last week, I made three round trips between The City and Small Town. To Small Town Monday morning with Cora, back to The City Tuesday night with Cora. Back to Small Town Wednesday morning, back to The City on Thursday night. Friday morning was Husband's graduation, from which I had to cut out early, because I had to go back to Small Town to meet with our client and prepare for trial. (The Boss said I could skip it, but I would have felt horrible, and I did a lot of work to prepare for this thing, I wanted to partake.) So, we prepped for trial, and felt really good about it. The Boss seemed pleased with my work, so that's good. Then back to The City for Husband's graduation party. We ate a lot and drank a lot.

Unfortunately, we all either got food poisoning, or passed around a stomach virus, because most people got sick two days later. Couldn't figure out which it was, because not everyone that got sick ate the same things. Also, people who either left early or came late (but also ate) did not get sick. Totally can't figure it out. But to be safe, we threw out the leftovers. I swear, we didn't mean to try to kill anyone. Maybe it was the e coli lettuce outbreak, who knows.

Cora had a good time at the party with her friends J and J's cousin A, as pictured. Their friend L was also there, but she was being more aloof and playing alone, rather than destroying our neighbor's giant tree thing that, in all fairness, is technically invading our yard. (Not that we mind, we barely have plants in our yard at all.)

J, Cora and A -- adorable destroyers of trees

Cora also had a very good time with "Papa" and her other "Mama," as Husbands parents were in town for the festivities. MIL is in the process of moving back to Home Fort, and will be back living with FIL as of Memorial Day. That's bound to be a big adjustment for them, since they've been living apart for two years now. Reminds me that I'm glad Husband has taken a job working nights!

Oh, and that's the big news: Husband got a job! He is not making the dolla dolla billz he'd hoped he would, but it is still a significant pay increase. He'll work three night shifts a week, so we'll keep doing what we're doing now. (His job is in The City. There weren't any jobs open in the hospitals out here. The only jobs open required experience.) But, no big deal. We're just glad he got a job he really likes, and whatever happens next, we'll play by ear.

Cora stayed in The City this week because of the trial, and spent the night with her friend J on Sunday night while Husband was at work, and since I had to be at the courthouse early on Monday morning. She seemed to have a good time with that. I miss her terribly, though. I'm used to having her Sunday and Monday nights, and being with her and Husband on Tuesday nights, so it really sucks that I'm out here in Small Town by myself, and it's only Tuesday.

Also, while our trial is going really well and we're pretty sure the jury loves our guy and hates the other guys, we're also pretty sure the judge is going to scuttle the whole thing and grant a directed verdict. Employment law case. I just love at-will employment, where the employers get to argue that they're total and complete dicks and fired the employee for a horrific unconscionable reason, but it doesn't exactly fit absolutely completely into the definition of this one statute which is your only cause of action, so it's all good. We find out tomorrow if the judge agrees with them, or lets us go to the jury. Ugh.

In the meantime, I worked late tonight to get my other work caught up. Wouldn't want my lunatic family law clients to think I'm neglecting them and jump me in an alley.

Sigh. Is it too late to go into estate planning instead?

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legally certifiable said...

Most likely a virus and not food poisoning. I defended a food poisoning case and my expert said that food poisoning usually sets in very quickly--between 6 and 24 hours, and passes w/in 24 hours. Otherwise food poisoning and viruses are virtually indistinguishable (and therefore it is nearly impossible to prove up a food poisoning case).

Hope your trial goes well and that you will get to slow down a bit once it's done.