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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Primary Fun

Today is Primary Day. I'm making the trip back to The City a little early so I can go vote. Honestly, I normally don't vote in primaries because I usually don't have a strong feeling about who the candidates should end up being. But there are some important races this time and a few folks I want to see run, and a few I don't.

Two of my former bosses are running for district judge. One previously worked for the county attorney's office, and now does criminal defense, and I know he'd make a good judge. The other has worked primarily in insurance defense, in circuit court and federal court, and is a total hot mess. He'd be a disaster on the bench because he is horrifically disorganized. Nice enough guy, but I just can't imagine. Also, a classmate of mine is running for state rep. Good guy, although much too conservative for my liking. Even so, if he gets elected, he'll do good things. He's not on my ballot though, I'm in a different part of town.

Other interesting contests include our county PVA. There's epic drama with the former PVA (who's running again), scandal and allegations of gross nepotism. The current PVA seems to be doing a good job though. Our former mayor is running for mayor again. I probably agree with her politics more than I do our current mayor, but I refuse to vote for her because she was a total bitch to me before she was mayor and she had a case with our firm. She's one of those people who calls other people's staff and tells them what they're going to do for her. Yeah, not so much. But it's not just me holding a grudge, I think it's just indicative of the kind of leader you are when you interact with people that way. You can't get anything done if people hate you. I think the current mayor has done a pretty good job under the bad circumstances he's worked under, even considering our city's War on Commuters, with every major road under some sort of construction, but it needed to be done before the horse nonsense this fall. Traffic is though hell, ugh.

Finally, there's the senate race. Looks like the teabaggers are getting their Republican pick, but the Democratic race is much tighter. I'm voting for the guy I think is most electable (our AG) rather than the candidate I like best (our Lt. Governor). Lt. Gov. ran for that seat last time and lost by a small margin, against the incumbent who is very clearly not lucid. He's retiring (he was forced to), so the seat is open. With the most electable candidate, hopefully we stand a chance against the teabagger pick.

So, that's pretty much it. Going to go vote, and hoping I start feeling better, because I'm not feeling too good today. I don't think Cora is either. I would tell you all about our really bad morning, but I might end up featured on STFU Parents.

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Shelley said...

How cool to be able to know so much about your local races - almost everyone in ours are strangers to me. Good luck getting decent people in office!