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Monday, May 3, 2010

Attempted Death by Old People and Other Misc. Aches and Pains

I just dropped a butt-load on car repairs. I stupidly didn't call the cops on Thursday after old people ran me off the road out in BFE, because I figured I didn't hit anything, I just went into the grassy median and the car seemed just fine. There wasn't even a curb, just grass. So, the next day my car was making a thumping noise, which turned out to be the tire, and I also needed new tie rods. Of course, I probably already needed new tie rods, the off-roading was probably just the final straw. Sucks I had to pay that much because old people can't drive. I really should have called the cops just because old people shouldn't be out driving if they're going to try to kill people. (They turned onto the road I was driving on, and ended up in both lanes. I slammed on my brakes, and should have had enough time to stop, except when Old Geezer realized what he'd done, probably hearing my horn blaring and the squealing of my tires, instead of doing something sensible, like swerving into the empty lane, or accelerating, he fucking brakes while still half-way in my lane. As though braking will help the situation. So that's when I had to go off-roading to avoid rear-ending the large pickup truck in my Corolla, although I was probably only going about 15 mph by the time I left the roadway, which is why I thought the car couldn't possibly be damaged. Next time, I'm just smashing into the back of the Old People-Mobile and making a claim for extensive bodily injuries in the form of soft tissue damage. Lesson learned.)

Anyway, was in seriously bad mood Friday after that happened, then Husband pissed me off, so then I was in EPIC bad mood and went to bed very early Friday night. I went to pilates Saturday and I swear I can actually see a difference in my triceps (and oh my they hurt). I wish I could see a difference in my abs, because they really hurt too. I then went to a friend's house to watch some Doctor Who and then we watched the Derby. My horse did not win, he only placed. But that's okay, I no longer bet on Derby horses ever since I killed Eight Belles. (May she RIP.)

I came in late to work this morning, because the weather was so bad last night, I didn't want to risk driving (particularly since I just had a butt-load of work done to my car). And a friend of mine totaled her car on that same stretch of interstate last night too (the rain was really heavy), so I figured that was a good indication I should wait til the roads were clear.

Fortunately today has been largely uneventful. I went to Court, went to the doctor during lunch to have my girl parts poked at (they're still there) and where I had to sit there and think for a moment what my real age actually is because I really have convinced myself I'm still 29, and finally, we have new dictaphones made this century, the digital kind, yay! Except they don't work yet. IT Fail. Oh well, eventually, we'll get it done.

So that's been my weekend or so. Husband graduates this Friday, so suckily, I have to take an entire day off work the Friday before our Monday trial. Fortunately, this case was fully prepped for trial previously (it was rescheduled) so shouldn't be a very big deal. Still hate being out that day though. I just really really hope we win this trial, and I stop being a jinx. Apparently I kill both race horses and trials. Maybe I'll find a bookie and bet on the defense winning, that way the defense attorney will trip and fall on the way to the table and have to be put down in the courtroom. (Eh, that'd only get us a mistrial anyway.)


Cee said...

I hate old people drivers! I promise that I will voluntarily give up my license when I can no longer see and when my reflexes are that bad! i hope the trial goes well!

(sorry if this posts twice- having internet problems)

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