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Friday, April 9, 2010


Whew, it's been a long, exhausting week. I am ready to go home and see the family!

Since Cora was sick, I didn't take her with me to Small Town this week. I've also been feeling a bit under the weather too, and just plain exhausted, so I didn't even make the trip back to The City during the week. I miss my munchkin terribly, I haven't seen her in four whole days! We had a whole conversation last night, where she rambled on in jibberish mostly, but there was quite a bit that I could understand. It's really cool when they can start actually telling you actual stuff, other than their immediate needs like "feed me," "hold me," "refill my sippy," and "change my diaper," or pointing at various objects and creatures and saying its name for the gazillionth time "PUPPY!" (yes, thank you, I heard you the first 26 times). That's when they really become "people" and not babies: they want to have a conversation with you.

Husband sent me this pic this morning of Cora tormenting the dog with her love:

My life is rough

Apparently, when Cora noticed Husband was taking pictures, she kept telling the dog to "Say 'Cheese,' Bernie! Say 'Cheese!'"

So, a fun weekend ahead. If the weather's nice tomorrow, I think Cora and I will have some mother-daughter bonding time at the race track and bet on some ponies. I wanted to go last weekend, which was opening weekend for the spring meet, but she was sick and the weather was kinda blah. Cora will really like the track, she hasn't been yet. There are horsies, and there are numbers, two of her favorite things. I think she'll like watching the horsies run a whole lot. Not to mention wearing a pretty dress and a hat, she really likes that.

Husband is adament that Cora is not allowed to do anything with horses (he's seen a lot of trauma patients messed up from horse-related accidents), but I don't think there's any harm in letting her ride someday if she wants. I never took formal riding lessons, but I've ridden horses before. I think if you live in our state and you've never been on a horse, there's something wrong with you. But I have no desire to own a horse, particularly in taking care of one or paying for its upkeep, so she's not likely going to have one of her own anyway.

Speaking of horses, if anyone out there is wanting to attend the World Equestrian Games this September/October (it's like the Olympics for horse folk), and is looking for a place to stay, we're totally getting the hell out of dodge for that nonesense, so our home is available. We're also considering like a home-swap kinda thing if you live somewhere we'd actually like to go. (Like Europe!) I assume since the new giant phallis hotel downtown did not get built (after they tore down an entire block for it), it will probably be tough to get reasonable accommodations.

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