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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trip to the dentist

Cora spent the night with Grandma last night, since she had her very first dentist appointment this morning. We decided my mom should take her, since she goes to the same dentist (also my dentist) back in Hometown (where Mom lives... it's like 20 minutes south of The City), so we made their appointments together.

Apparently, Cora doesn't like having her mouth poked around in. It was epic drama. Of course, the dentist has kids and grandkids, and has had enough kids for patients over the years, I'm sure he's seen worse. But, she screamed until her face was bright red and Mom thought her little head was going to explode. I really can't say I blame her, I'm not a big fan of the dentist either. I don't mind getting my teeth cleaned, but considering the trauma of my youth (major oral surgery at age 12 to dig out my wisdom teeth which were digging into the roots of my back molars, not to mention the two years of braces which included all sorts of awful springs and rubber bands and absurdities), I don't really look forward to it.

Regardless, she has a clean bill of dental health and the dentist was nice enough not to charge us for her visit. I don't have dental coverage, because for less than what I'd pay in premiums, I could just pay for the work myself.

But, Cora didn't sleep well last night; she woke up, crying for Mommy and Daddy. When we dropped her off at Mom's last night, Cora had exhuberantly shooed us out the door. "Buh-BYE! Mwaah!" I had mentioned to Husband that, while I'm glad she is confident enough that she'll see us again to not have separation anxiety, I kinda wish she'd look a little less happy that we're leaving! Oh well. She hasn't spent the night anywhere else in awhile, so maybe it was the strange bed that upset her.

In other news, I had a baby daddy support hearing this morning that went rather well. I wish I could discuss my new case, it is all kinds of awesome drama. Like, the entertaining soap opera kind, not the kind that affects the well-being of children and is horrific and depressing. Sometimes family law really can be enjoyable. The rest of the time, it just kinda makes me disgusted with humanity.

Oh, and Husband has a lead on his "dream job." Dream Job has the added advantage of paying at least $40K more than he's making now, and has the potential to even double his current salary. I told him if he lands that gig, he's soooo buying me something pretty. Like these. Or these. OMG, or these (I think the spikes will be hawt for court). Yes, I just shoegasmed.


Flaim said...

Holy crap. The spiky ones! The spiky ones!!


Flaim said...

I would SO have to get these-


Proto Attorney said...


Flaim said...

I am SO not conditioned to wear heels anymore. Art school has made my feet weak. All I wear is Chucks!

Proto Attorney said...

I need to get those fancy gel insoles they sell on the Neiman Marcus site. I've been spoiled too much by the whole parking right outside of the building thing. Now when I have to walk any sort of long distance, my feet hurt! It does cut down on shoe wear and tear though!