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Sunday, April 25, 2010

MILP Roundup #147

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup** is hosted on a rotating basis at the PT-Lawmom, Attorney Work Product and A Little Fish in Law School blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday morning.

Googiebaba is outnumbered.

Jenny is waiting on the judge's decision.

-R- is pointing out the problem of nonprofit fundraising.

Shantelle has been having a crisis of faith concerning joining our ranks and needs your words of encouragement!

RG takes on revisionist history teabaggers.

Is Grace incubating the next domestic terrorist? Or worse, leading poetry slams?

Happy birthday, Dakota!

LEO is dealing with teeth.

LC is in the aftermath of grief.

Izzie, our newest MILP, is making her big announcement.

Cee learns if you get someone sanctioned by the court, you should make it up to them with strippers and blow.

LL gets a shower!

Dinei's little guy has a name: Benjy.

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**Hat tip to the “original" roundup Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and Thanks, But No Thanks


Tree Hugging 2L said...

i'm pretty sure that strippers and blow make everything better in any situation. just sayin.

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