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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maintaining optimism

I'm trying to stay optimistic today, even though today has royally sucked. We got the decision in on my client whose hearing was last week, and we lost, big time. Now I'm blaming myself, because she should have taken the deal in mediation, even though it was total crap, because it was still more than she got, which was nothing. Husband was turned down for his dream job because he doesn't have enough experience. So, we're both kinda down in the dumps. The sucky thing about being in two different cities is, we can't just go drown our sorrows together after work in some beer at the pub. Husband pointed out we both need a hug. But there's no one to hug me. I'm not going to ask the boss for a hug, that would be weird.

So, I'm trying to maintain some optimism. I've got work to get done, and can't waste time pouting about it. I only lost .2 pounds last week, thanks to excessive alcohol consumption, more excessive Reese's peanut butter egg consumption and holding enough water to survive in the Sahara for a week. The eggs are now gone, and I'll be keeping the drinking to a minimum and going back to pilates on Saturday.


Me said...
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Shantelle said...

Man, screaming baby must be distracting me, I don't normally make so many typos! Also, it was lame it was putting "Me" for my name. Fixed it.

I have GOT to quit drinking if I am going to lose weight. I don't do it often, but I know the calories are ridiculous when I do. Also, I walked all the way to the gym yesterday, signed in, went to fill up my water bottle, and THEN my book on tape ran out. So I walked back home and tried to do Carmen Electra's Hip Hop workout instead. Yeah, I am one seriously uncoordinated white girl. Picture it, I'm sure it will help you feel better!

Cee said...

here is your e-hug! I know it's not quite as good as a real one from your hubby. I failed this week too. I'm going to drown my sorrow in diet snapple.