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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I GAINED 2 pounds this week. Fail!

This would be because on Saturday I consumed (along with Husband and FIL) FIVE BOTTLES OF WINE, buttery salmon, and a loaf of bread. Then last night, we went to celebrate Husband's completion of his degree requirements (he did his comps yesterday) and got massive amounts of sushi, Dairy Queen (I got the lowest points item on the menu), then later had a bottle of wine and some bread and hummus. So, yeah, no surprise I gained two pounds. It's really not fair that I eat rabbit food all week, and exercise, and only lose half a pound, but all it takes is a two-day slip-up to gain 2 pounds. Ugh.

It also reinforced my belief that Husband makes me fat. He always wants to eat, and he's always all "here, have some," and "hey, let's open a bottle of wine," and "hey, let's go to Dairy Queen." When I'm by myself, I eat salad and drink water. I spend a lot less money too.

So, either he changes his eating habits, or we need to continue living in separate cities. Otherwise, I'm going to be ginormous.


Shantelle said...

I gained back all three pounds I lost last week. I'm so inconsistent! I've got to get better at working out every day so I can just eat whatever I want. GRR!

Cee said...

Hmm, I'm skeptical that you actually gained real weight. It may just be water or fluid weight. I mean, if you think about it, to gain ONE pound you have to consumer 3,600 extra calories on top of your daily intake. so three pounds? That's over 10,000 extra calories in one week! I know you can't overestimate the power of the high calorie food :) but, STILL! Oh well, this will make you appreciate the weeks your weight decreases and make you work that much harder right?

Cee said...
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