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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Deposition That Does Not End

I spent all day in depositions today, what a long day. I didn't even get lunch, because we only took a break at 2 o'clock and there was no time to run out and get something and scarf it down before coming back and having a conference call with the judge, because opposing counsel kept trying to get my client to violate HIPAA. (He failed.) We finished up at about 4. I seriously need a refresher on, you know, like, crafting coherent sentences when communicating with other human beings. Geez, you'd think I'd been taking public speaking lessons from Sarah Palin. Can't wait to read the transcript, that oughta be a hoot. Blah.

Oh well. The good thing about the case is it's a matter I've been working on for awhile, in an area of law in which I am well-versed (dignitary torts). So, it was oodles of fun. I love dignitary torts; it's all the drama of family law, without all the despair of destroying the innocence of children.

Now we're back in trial prep mode, as we're two weeks away from our biggest trial yet. Yeah, I know, I hope I don't curse this one too. My job is to play devil's advocate: to take our case and do a mock-up as though I were defending it. So I'm preparing for cross-exam of our witnesses, and going through possible trial themes the defense will use. It's fun because it's useful, and also, it plays to my experience, which is defense work.

But I am really looking forward to the weekend. Husband isn't working! Well, he has to attend a review course for his boards, but he'll be home Saturday and Sunday night! That'll be nice. I like the husband, he's fun.

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(In)Sanity Gal said...

I wonder if anyone has ever written that sentence before - "I love dignitary torts"? :)

Good luck with the mock trial work!