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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crazy, continued

This week:

1. Trial fail. Not for lack of Awesome on the part of Boss Dude. Boss Dude rawks. We should've had it, even the judge and clerk were surprised. But, what can you do. You can lead a jury to the instruction, but you can't make 'em sign it. Total jury fail, ugh. We have another one starting Tuesday, hopefully we'll have better luck.

2. Speeding tax. I got nailed on the way home Friday by a State Trooper due to inattentiveness. It's a long straight stretch of interstate, you can see the cops a mile away, I should have been paying attention, especially knowing more would be out for the holiday weekend. He says he got me going 85 (speed limit's 70). I was quite surprised by that. I was pretty sure he'd clocked me when I was going 95, so I guess I hit my brakes in time after all. Oh well. I figure I earned that one, and he dropped it down to 5 over so I don't have to go to traffic school and the fine's only $150. Speeding tax.

3. Vomiting children = suck. Cora woke up in the middle of the night yacking all over the place, she's got some sort of stomach funk. Probably means she'll be sharing it. But she was so upset, she wouldn't go back to bed, she just wanted me. Finally, I put her in our bed, and she fortunately didn't yack again. I knew she must've been really sick to be so clingy, but also to actually go to sleep. By 6am she was feeling much better because I started getting smacked and kicked. (Reminding me why the kid does not sleep in our bed.) Then she went back into her bed for the remainder of the night. She's still been a little under the weather today, but she's eating and drinking enough, so she'll be fine.

4. Diet fail. Father In Law shipped Cora a box of Easter goodies, that included two packages of those Reese's peanut butter eggs. I love them so much I want to marry them. It's wrong how good those things taste. I made Husband put them where I can't reach them. I've had three today anyway.


Flaim said...

I lost track of how many of those eggs I've consumed this easter season. I will be both sad and glad that it is over soon!


LL said...

I LOVE those Reese's eggs. I actually just ate one out of Landon's basket while he was taking his nap. Sinfully delicious.