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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Literally. Normally it's just figurative shit, but this week, we ended up with the real stuff too.

We had a really disgusting sewage issue at the office on Friday, as some a-hole flushed a bunch of paper towels down our toilet during my depositions on Thursday. This resulted in Plumbing Fail, with raw sewage flooding our basement, several hours of work by Roto-Rooter, and quite possibly the worst smell I've ever encountered. Even the Roto-Rooter guys were gagging, it was awful. After they got the issues resolved and cleaned up our basement for us, I made an executive decision to close the office 2 hours early (the boss had taken the day off). I could smell it on my clothes after I left. Ugh.

But we think the paper towel thing was done on purpose because of the amount they pulled out. Who the hell even flushes paper towels? There was a brand new roll of toilet paper in there, and we have a whole basket of toilet paper too. We also have a garbage can right under the paper towel roll. So yeah, pretty sure it was on purpose.

Anyway, if we have any more depositions in that case, we're doing them at opposing counsel's office. Freaks.

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Shantelle said...

This is why I am all for video cameras in bathrooms.


So sorry you had to endure that! My baby made a nice present for me tonight in the middle of a very packed fancy Italian restaurant. I'm sure it was nowhere near as awful, but at least you know I empathize.