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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have a college interested in me as an adjunct! A college that has an IR program!

Of course, it reminds me that I've done absolutely nothing of academic value since 2006. (Law school has no academic value. None whatsoever. Journal schmournal.) I need to get back on the band wagon and get caught up on the latest literature. Even in law school, I still read the books off my grad school's summer reading list, and kept up my subscriptions to Foreign Affairs and the WSJ, but that's really not enough. For three years of law school, I was buried in law crap, and missed out on important global events. (Dude, apparently we have a black president!)

Seriously, though, I need to spend this summer getting back on track if I want to teach poly sci. (History doesn't change that drastically.) I should also be working on beefing up my CV, writing articles, contributing in some way. I also need to start drafting up some proposed syllabi to impress my interviewers and distract from the reality that I have no real teaching experience, and my academic resume consists of "BA," "MA," and "JD," end of story.

But, I'm excited. I don't know what courses I would be asked to teach if I got hired, but so long as it has nothing to do with tax law, I'd be thrilled. I spent all last evening working on an issue of gift taxation, and my poor little brain hurts. It's ridiculous. I called the IRS, I read the tax statutes, I looked in my textbook, my Bar/Bri book, ugh. I have it figured out now, but it just reinforces that I should have absolutely nothing to do with taxation. I should not have to think this hard, ever. It's unhealthy.


Izzie said...

That's so awesome! It would be challenging, but fun I'm sure.

Rhiannon said...

Congratulations, that's fabulous!

LL said...

That's so great, congrats! I would love to be an adjunct at a law school one day. I have no idea what I'd teach and I have no credentials for anything except the general practice of law, but I hang on to the hope that it could be a future option. Can't wait to hear where this opportunity goes!