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Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week in Weight Loss

Week 5: -0.6 (Total weight loss: 4.8 pounds)

Argh! So close to the 5 pound milestone, yet so far. Anyway, I am officially 10 pounds lighter than I was when I took the bar exam, so that's a definite win!

Even so, I did not do well this past week, but I am still proud of myself for keeping it under control. First, I had a late dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant on Thursday night in The City with some girlfriends. I had two strawberry margaritas. I ordered a vegetable quesadilla, which was lower in points, and only dipped two chips into the queso my friend ordered. (That was definitely tough. I love me some queso. I could drink that shit with a straw.) But for lunch that day, I'd had a salad from Subway, and I didn't do too bad.

Friday I had a portabella and swiss sandwich from this little deli across from the court house. I forgot how expensive lunch is in The City. But a small portion is definitely a good thing, and the more "gourmet" food is always smaller! Friday night, we went out for dinner, but I forgot to ask for my baja fish taco to be grilled instead of fried, so that was Diet Fail. Also, someone ordered some sort of crab dip, and I partook more than I should have.

Saturday, I had a bachelorette party, which started with dinner at a cheese and wine oriented restaurant. I stuck with a salad, but it did have a blob of goat cheese on it. Then I had a piece of chocolate cake from this really awesome bakery that has the best buttercream frosting, yum! We split a bottle of sparkling wine, and I had a cosmo. We left there and went to a bar, where we had another round of drinks, and a shot. So, four drinks total for me that evening. Definite Diet Fail.

I was at least happy I still had a loss, even if it was only .6. I did pilates on Saturday after Baby Ballet, which was also a bit of a workout for me. I also went to the gym yesterday with a friend and worked out for an hour.

So, other stuff. The CLE on Friday was really great. It was super-informative, and I really wish the guy who taught the class (an assistant county attorney) would take an adjunct position at the law school. He was a helluva lot more interesting than most of our professors, he told us exactly what we needed to know, only told us war stories that actually added to the material, and had a decent ability to keep the seminar gunner talking to a minimum. (She still needed to STFU though, ugh. She was also a hot mess, she had super crazy long grey kinky witch's hair and was wearing MC Hammer pants, and stripper heels. She's also in her 50's. Sadly, I suspect she looked in the mirror that morning and thought, damn, I look good.) It was great being there with my friends (two of my closest friends in law school were there), along with another classmate I actually like, and a random dude I ended up sitting beside and chatting with who graduated in '08 and is finishing up a 2 year judicial clerkship. They did not let us watch the game, but the ESPN app on my iPhone kept me and my new friend from going stir crazy. (We won that game, and two others this weekend. I am still debating whether I choose us as national champions for my bracket, but I am hoping we take it all the way this year. If we make it to the championship game, I will be taking the day off work in order to participate in riotting/destruction of public property while heavily intoxicated and painted blue. You think I'm joking; I'm not.)

Saturday was Baby Ballet, which was not the success I'd hoped for. Cora was rather intimidated by the experience, and seemed to want to observe more than participate. She did some of the stuff in the beginning, but when the teacher wanted the girls to sit inside of the hula hoops, Cora had a meltdown and had to leave for a few minutes. When we came back in, Cora was ready to participate and did good after that. She is definitely not as agile or coordinated as the other kids, even the ones who were a little younger than her. That's one of the reasons I wanted her to do this class. She's very advanced in language skills, she's apparently the only kid in her daycare class that knows all of her letters and numbers. But she needs to work on the physical stuff, her motor skills and whatnot. Not surprising, I was the same way. Still am. Much more bookish than athletic. She seemed to enjoy herself by the end of the class though. I think next week we'll take her in a little earlier and let her wander around the studio and get more comfortable with the surroundings. And we'll work on some of the stuff at home too. The class was more "creative movement" but they do teach some ballet moves and terms. Like "first position" and such. The class also made Husband realize that he is old and out of shape, since we participated too and there were some pilates/yoga moves which he couldn't do. I was glad that there were other dads in the class though, not that Husband cares to be the only dude (he's a nurse, after all), but just that men were taking an interest in the class as well. I saw there were some little boys in the studio too, although not in Baby Ballet. Working with the ballet theatre, it's important to get people of our generation more interested in the performances. Most often it's old people and little girls, or family members/friends of the dancers. There's also still such stigma against male dancers, so people don't often enroll their boys. (Although for athletes, ballet is an excellent way to develop agility and grace. It helps football players in particular. So, there's been an increase in enrollment for those purposes.)

Pretty much it. I have a lot of work to do this week and am lacking the motivation today to dive right in. If I don't get started, I'll definitely be working late Wednesday and Thursday nights again. But I'm tired. I never do well with the time change. Cora definitely didn't do well. She was super pissed when I woke her up an hour early this morning. And we were late because I had to drag her out of bed, get her changed and drag her to the car kicking and screaming. Then I forgot my manners and bitched at the garbage collection guys because they emptied the herbies and placed them all directly behind my car, blocking me in, so I had to go move them, which got me and my clothes all wet. The guy apologized, and I felt slightly bad. But really, who places the garbage bins in front of the driveway, blocking the car, especially when I'm loading a screaming kid into the car? Bah.

So, that's my week in weight loss and various other things. I've got a column to post this evening (I'm still having epic html fail, I dunno what the deal is), and some other personal tasks to accomplish. Hopefully it will be a good week. St. Patrick's Day, my NCAA bracket to complete, and two new books to read. Also, Cora and I will be going shoe shopping this evening, the kid's feet are enormous. Time for new shoes!

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