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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The mice shall play...

My boss is out the next two days for something to do with a round orange ball. Lucky him. I'll be out tomorrow, back in The City, but I'll be stuck in the Guardian Ad Litem CLE seminar during our game, which starts at noon. At least I have my iPhone and the ESPN app. I'll try to refrain from breaking out any dance moves during the CLE.

Regardless, I've been putting out fires all day. Good thing I worked really late last night (it was so I could head out early today). I had a late dinner (like 9pm) with my upstairs neighbor, since she got stuck for an extra hour at the hospital. I failed again at Lent and got french fries. Damnit. Totally forgot, and didn't even think about it being the "side." I had a Boca burger, I don't think that counts as a real burger at least. Still was within my points though.

Anyway, excited about going back home a day early and spending a little time with the kid this evening. Husband took her to feed the duckies last night, she was very excited about that. She is Queen of the Duckies. Getting her to throw the bread rather than force-feeding them is a challenge, however. (Foie gras?) But keeping the kid active is so much easier in nice weather. I feel like we watched a billion hours of Sesame Street all winter.

This Saturday starts Baby Ballet. Very excited about that one. Whenever I mention dance class to Cora, she starts trying to pirouette. Very cute. But what can I say, she's a cute kid.

Weird, but cute.


Cee said...

Awww, she IS a cute kid! That is so awesome you get an extra day with the fam- enjoy every second! And french fries are my total weakness! But isn't they key to weight loss not to cut out your fav foods entirely just to partake in moderation? You are doing a great job of staying committed!

Gillian said...

Ha! Jack took a bite out of a green pepper at the grocery yesterday! Kids are weird. Enjoy your extra time with her, and I hope we get to see some video or pictures of baby ballet. Death by adorableness.