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Monday, March 8, 2010


Week 4: -.8 (total weight loss: 4.0 pounds)

Averaging 1 pound of weight loss per week still. I was happy with the .8 pound loss because I have no earthly idea how many points I consumed over the weekend. Husband and I went to a wedding reception Saturday night, and it's not like catered food comes with nutritional information. So, I did my best to make good choices (filling up on fruit before dinner was served), but the salad already had dressing on it, so I have no idea what the points value was for the salad, and the other items appeared to be cooked in oil, so who knows. Obviously, I did okay since I still had a loss, but it was definitely challenging. I did make sure to count everything, even though I was guessing, so I could still track what I ate. I also saved most of my flex points for the week until Saturday since I knew it would be tough. (And me pass up wedding cake? Pshaw. I did scrape the icing off though, that's at least something right?)

The wedding and reception were lovely. The bride (a Filipina) incorporated a lot of family and cultural traditions into the Catholic ceremony. Then the reception had cultural dancing, as well as a ton of musical performances, because all of their people are musicians, and the groom's a drummer. Very fun.

However, in an attempt to not consume massive amounts of calories, I did not partake of the open bar. (And Husband gave up alcohol for Lent, so neither did he.) Oh well. Back when one of my friends lost 75 pounds on Weight Watchers, she would engage in binge drinking so that when she, well, revisited the evening's beverages at the end of the night, she could "uncount" those points. I, however, have never had the ability to "puke and rally," so I have to go with teetotaling instead. Sucks.

Since there was a 4 hour break in between the ceremony and the reception, Husband and I went to see Alice in 3D at the IMAX. Our city doesn't have an IMAX (Small Town definitely doesn't have one), but the Other City does. It was an unexpected treat to get to go, and just worked out well with the timing. I definitely recommend the movie, it was much better than I expected. Seeing it in 3D was worth the extra money too, it gave the effects much more depth, I think. And Johnny Depp wasn't as creepy/scary as I expected, so it didn't diminish from his hawtness.

Anyway, goings on this week included Mediation Epic Fail today. Three hours of my life I'll never get back and a waste of the client's money. I may know only enough about law to be dangerous, but I certainly know mediation and, well, that just wasn't it. Lesson learned. So, we've got a hearing date to look forward to, although the client wants my boss to handle the hearing. I can't say I blame her. I'd want the boss to handle the hearing if it was my case too.

The weather is actually 60 degrees out. I was beginning to think Spring would never come. So, we're going to the park tonight. Very exciting. I still haven't been great about exercise (I've been doing it regularly now, but not pushing myself in the way I should be to really see results), so maybe the nice weather and the sunshine will help. I am just one of those people who refuses to run in bad weather, so I can get out more and run now that it's getting warm.

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LEO said...

you seriously avoided an open bar to stay on your diet?!?! I'm so, so impressed. Keep up the good work, and enjoy the onset of spring. Warm enough to work out outdoors and to remind you that summer and bathing suits/dresses will be there soon!