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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Local Asshattery

I encourage all of you to give this asshat a call, a letter, a flaming bag of poo, whatever your preference, and let him know that he's a giant asshat, since he apparently doesn't know.

Jim Bunning hasn't been lucid for years. Clearly. (I've had a few friends who interned for him tell me that.) In his last election, he read off of a teleprompter at the debate, and made racist and bigoted comments about his opponent, now Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo (an Italian-American), including something to the effect of him looking like a dead son of Saddam Hussein, and referring to him as being limp-wristed (Mongiardo's not gay, what's with the gay bashing?) And yes, he still got re-elected. Welcome to the bluegrass state.

January 2011 does not come soon enough to finally be rid of Bunning. Even Mitch McConnell's all WTF, crazy old man? We can bail out the banks and let the executives get their big fat bonuses, but when it comes to the working class American who's lost their jobs due to corporate greed and there aren't any jobs out there, well, tough shit.

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky): Asshat

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