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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A girl and her dog

There is a definite symbiotic relationship between the kid and the dog. The dog happily takes her abuse in exchange for the attention and/or scraps of discarded food. (The dog is an excellent vacuum cleaner.) But today Cora was being extra sweet to Bernie. Bernie was sleeping on the couch, and Cora brought her blanket and her lamb (her favorite stuffed animal). She put the blanket over Bernie and the lamb beside her, then repeatedly kissed her on the snout saying "I love you" and "Night-night." Then she told me, "Shhh! Bernie's sleeping, Mommy!" Very cute.

Baby Ballet class was traumatic again, with Cora not wanting to participate at the beginning. By the middle she was doing much better and smiling and putting in some effort. Hopefully by the end of the session, she'll be used to it enough that she'll jump right in at the beginning. And we're trying to work on some of the stuff at home, like jumping.

I'll be in trial the next two days. I'm excited since it's a case I've done a lot of work on. Not excited since I've got some sort of horrific sinus congestion going on and my head feels like it's going to explode. Yuck.


LL said...

Very cute! Landon adores his two doggies and I love the bond between them (or at least the bond running from Landon to the dogs; the dogs occasionally look as though they wouldn't mind the bond being a little less tight). But the interaction creates such cute sound bites, I love Cora telling you that the doggie was sleeping.

Good luck at trial! That's so exciting- I'm still mourning the fact that my biggest case settled a few weeks before our trial. I hope you stay healthy!

Shelley said...

Good luck at trial - and thank you for sharing Cora's darling picture!

Izzie said...

So adorable! And I'm sending you an email, just wanted to give you a heads up!