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Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures in Weight Loss Cont'd and Other Stuff

End of Week 3: -1.0 lbs (total: -3.2 lbs)

Not too shabby. I keep hoping I'll lose closer to 2 lbs a week, but I think unless I either kick the exercising up a few notches, or don't use my flex points on the weekends, that's unlikely to happen. Even so, just from the 3 pounds, I can tell my clothes are fitting a little better.

So, yeah, exercising didn't really happen last week. Unless you count stress-induced pacing. Which I don't. Last week sucked big monkey balls, so no real exercise. I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday, but ended up having to cancel because Cora took an extra long nap and was not feeling well, and in general a mess. Ugh. But getting into a routine has been hard. When I have Cora with me, I'm generally too tired by the time she goes to bed to exercise (or have a massive work + toddler induced headache like this evening). Then Tuesdays I'm driving her back to the city. So, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays need to be my exercise days until the weather is better and I can take her out in the stroller again.

Today I messed up on my Lenten promise, because I had french fries. I didn't get my substitute on my grilled chicken value meal, and I definitely didn't have the will-power to just throw them away. Fail. I was planning to have salad for dinner anyway, so it didn't hurt me, other than failing at Lent. Overall, I've done really well sticking to the plan, and I was even able to have one of my friend's awesome cupcakes she made for Husband's birthday this weekend.

The birthday weekend was good. We had sushi with a bunch of friends, and on Saturday took Cora to this indoor playground place that's filled with inflatable kid prisons to bounce in. It's kinda freaky though, because the place is in constant lock-down and they don't let you out unless you have on a wristband that matches your kid's wristband. (Like, here's an idea, how about people keep an eye on their own damn kids like you would at any other playground?) But I guess they don't want to get sued if someone walks out with the wrong snotty nose kid. Regardless, I think Cora caught funk from the other snotty nose kids. She's definitely in a horrible mood tonight.

Not that my mood is much better. Aside from opposing counsel in a case pissing me off this afternoon (she lied to me to cover her own ass, and even though I extended her professional courtesy instead of putting her head on the chopping block, she's still dicking around and preventing the case from moving forward), I had to fax a hate letter to Sallie Mae today. Apparently, automatic payments are too difficult for them, they randomly didn't take out the full payment from my checking account this month, and now they say I'm delinquent and owe late fees. I guess in between them sending me a gazillion emails/letters a day, they don't have time to either 1. get my payments right or 2. answer the damn phone. Their excuse for not answering the phone (the "estimated wait time" was over two hours and that was during their "faster" time during regular hours) is the weather. Uh, I thought all that shiz had melted? Seriously though, how hard is it to just take the money out of my checking account? What good is automatic payment plans if they screw it up? Why can they not get it right and leave me alone? If they don't get their shit together and fix this, and also stop with the constant spamming, I'm going to see about taking out a loan through my credit union to pay them off. I don't owe them a whole lot, I could likely pay it off with another loan and probably even for a lower interest rate. I guess the only issue would be whether I could still deduct the interest. Might be worth it just to get them off my back since they suck so hard. Ugh.

This month is pretty action-packed for me. I've got a wedding to attend this weekend which will be a lot of fun; I'm getting drinks with some former coworkers; and I'm going to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the IMAX. (Although looking forward to the movie, I suspect it will result in me finding Johnny Depp less hot and much more creepy, much like Willy Wonka did. But the hottest Hatter of Alice remakes is definitely from the recent SyFy miniseries "Alice." Played by the dude from "Primeval" -- way hot.) Other stuff going on includes a couple CLE's, a bachelorette party, and Cora starting Baby Ballet next Saturday (I already bought the leotard, it is unbelievably cute).

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Gillian said...

Did you already consolidate? I think you can only do it once, but if you havent . . . I consolidated my loans out of Sallie Mae and into my credit union. Still a student loan, still deduct the interest, and no asshattery to be found. They manage to get it out of my checking account just fine. (Sigh)