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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kiddie Stuff

I was marveling yesterday at Cora's friend L, who is about 3 1/2 months older than Cora (L will be 3 at the end of August). She's potty trained, she talks in clear, coherent sentences, and her motor skills are excellent. It's just amazing to think that by the end of summer, that will be Cora. (Hopefully. Particularly the potty trained part.)

I've noticed that just over the past couple weeks, there's been so much improvement in Cora's language skills. Sometimes she just whips something out that totally floors me. The other day, we were in the car, and I pulled up to a stop sign (that I promptly rolled on through) and Cora shouts "OCT-ee-GONE! STAHHHHHHPPP!" I was like, whoa, nice work (little backseat driver). She's known the basic shapes for a long time now, but apparently she's moved onto more advanced ones. Today, she was talking about something involving the eggs and she used the correct verb tense (to describe something that had occurred in the past), which I hadn't noticed her doing before, so I thought that was pretty cool. Of course, the vast majority of things she says is still nonsensical, mostly because she talks nonstop. Seriously. She even talks in her sleep. So, maybe it's like monkeys and keyboards, eventually you'll get a sonnet.

Obviously she learns most of this stuff at daycare, because pretty much the only stuff she would learn from us would be random medical and legal terms, maybe some political terms, and the f-bomb. (Which, surprisingly, she hasn't said yet. Although I'm pretty sure she says "shit." Considering her friend J says "douchebag," we're eventually going to get letters home from their City daycare.) Even so, the dog still doesn't understand her, or at the very least, considers her not the alpha dog, and doesn't take commands from her. This frustrates Cora very much, because if there's one thing Cora loves to do, it's boss everyone else around.

Anyway, I'm enjoying age 2 overall, although she generally refuses to nap, either at home or in daycare, which sucks. And sometimes she'll wake up randomly at like 4 am and start knocking on her bedroom door to be let out. (Uh, noooo.) Sometimes she doesn't even make noise, but we find her asleep on the floor among all her blankets, stuffed animals and her pillow (totally weird kid). But she actually has fewer tantrums now than she did before she was 2, and we can reason with her to a certain extent when she wants something RIGHT NOW and she has to wait.

She's just a lot of fun. She's happy and enthusiastic. She's sweet and snuggly. She likes being chased around the house and tickled, and held "UP-side DOWN!" She loves to color, paint and read books. We have tea parties and when one of us (usually Husband) is cooking dinner, Cora "cooks" on her play kitchen right along with us, and then makes us take "bites." She loves to tuck us into bed, and say "night-night!" She doesn't even seem to mind when we leave and makes a big production of saying "bye-bye!" and blowing us kisses and saying "love you! mwaa!" (I'm working on getting her to say, "Ciao!")

One of her favorite jokes involves this bucket of jungle bits, it has plastic trees and some plastic jungle animals. She holds the plastic lion on top of the plastic tree and exclaims, "The lion's in the TREE! That's FUNNY!" and then laughs hysterically, because, duh, lions don't go in trees. (No clue where that came from.) We finally got her in kindermusik (which we pay extra for at daycare -- big ripoff, but she loves it) because she was taking my candlestick holders and pretending they're trumpets and marching around the house "tooting" them. So now she gets actual noisy instruments and my candlesticks are usually left alone. Baby Ballet apparently went better this Saturday (I missed it, I was sick in bed). She jumped in a lot quicker and had a good time. So, hopefully, the Easter break won't spoil the progress.

A big week ahead for Cora. She has yet another egg hunt at school, and an Easter party (I have to remind Husband to bring cheese). This is one of the times that I regret not working in the City, because I would love to go watch the egg hunt, and eat cheese with the munchkins. But, that's okay. We've had two egg hunts already, I guess I can live without a third (and the cheese). So cute though!

Anyway, that's life with our toddler. Remarkably well-adjusted being raised by us! Hopefully once the semester's over, we'll all get to spend more time together as a family. Honestly, though, the two nights a week away from the kid aren't that bad. I miss her, but it could certainly be worse. After I was talking to the wife of a City attorney at a mid-size firm who was complaining he works at least 70 hours a week and he is rarely home in time for their daughter's bedtime, and he works every Saturday, I didn't feel so guilty. It's a tough job market, and even more demands are being made on associates because firms can get away with it. So, I'm lucky that three nights a week, I get off work between 4 and 5pm and get to hang out with my kid. And even if I need to do work on the weekends, so far it hasn't been enough that I can't work on it during naptime (when naptime actually happens) or after bedtime. I work late on the two nights I'm on my own, so I don't have to work late the other nights. It's a trade-off, but one I'm satisfied with at the moment.

And speaking of work, since we're spending four days in trial this week, I've got work to do now that the munchkin's in bed. I need to get it all done because tomorrow night, Husband will be in town. Very happy about that! Also very happy that he graduates in just over a month!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MILP # 143

PT-Lawmom has it. (Among other things!!)

Suck Week

1. Weight. I lost 1.6 pounds last week, no clue how that happened. However, I've likely gained that back sometime during the week and then lost some more this weekend. Ugh. I think I'm attached to a yo-yo. I had epic diet fail during the week, where I had a slice of cheesecake one evening, and scarfed down three buttery bread rolls during dinner out with my neighbor, but then I had such a horrible day Friday, I never even had a chance to eat or drink anything until 4:30, I was that effin' busy with just crazy stuff. I grabbed a fish sandwich on my way out of town, and a large drink, and then came home and went to bed, where I slept for 24 hours off and on. (I have sinus funk.) So, we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. Who knows.

2. Trial fail. We had a trial last week. We lost. We have a trial tomorrow, and it's a doozy. It's already been full of fail, particularly that our expert witness is MIA. (Seriously, he might be dead in a gutter somewhere for all we know, we haven't been able to find him in the past six months.) So, this oughta be fun.

3. Tourney fail. My bracket is officially dead, since I correctly chose 0/4 final four teams. We lost last night, knocked out in the elite eight. I was really looking forward to painting myself blue and tipping over cars next week. Sigh. But the game just sucked. It's like they just got tired or something. Oh well. Those teenage boys will still go on to make crazy money in the NBA, so good for them. There's been a lot of criticism lately about our graduation percentage for our athletes. I figure, if you can leave college without graduating and make millions of dollars, whether it's playing sports, starting your own business or something else, go for it. That piece of paper is only worth as much as you put into it, and let's be honest, a degree from mediocre university ain't worth all that much anyway. But we've recently had a few retired athletes come back to the university to finish their degrees, which I think is admirable. A few years ago, I felt differently about people not going to college or finishing college, but considering the loss of value of the bachelor's degree, but the insane cost of it, if you can have a lucrative career without a bachelor's, why not? The rest of us suckers have to drown in student loans to complete degrees for not-so-lucrative careers.

4. Crap money. Apparently, even though our state allows up to $500 an appointment for GAL's, the county I work in pays a flat fee of $60. I am spending my evenings doing home visits, conducting interviews and doing research, plus attending hearings, for $60. (Not that I get it, it goes to the firm, but still. So much for earning my keep.) Like, why even bother paying at all? Just call it what it is: pro bono. Foster Board review folks are volunteers, so are Court Appointed Special Advocates. The $60 is almost insulting for the amount of work required. It's like instead of stiffing a waiter, you leave a penny on the table. Oh well. Another frustration with family law, no uniformity across the state. Even so, I don't mind the appointments, of course, so far I've only done adoption cases, not any "DNA" cases (Dependency/Neglect/Abuse). I probably won't like those.

5. Continued love/hate with family law. I have a jurisdiction issue that's giving me a headache, but it's a good learning experience for me, and I got a few very interesting new cases this week. I also got new problem clients that are going to annoy me, and I will have to keep my opinions to myself. That's another issue I have with family law, is that a lot of the problems with divorced parents come from differing opinions on parenting styles. Now, there's a problem when it's neglectful or abusive, but when it's not, when it's "well, she's just mean to the kid," or "he isn't strict enough with them," it's like, okay, what do you want me to do about it? The judge isn't going to issue an order saying that Jimmy has to brush his teeth at 7:45 and be in bed at 8:00, and eat all of his vegetables, and that Mom is never allowed to raise her voice when Jimmy tries to microwave the hamster, and Dad has to make sure that Jimmy goes to creative movement class every Wednesday afternoon, because otherwise it will stifle his artistic abilities. I mean, seriously, people. I'm sure raising your kids as co-parents with a divorced spouse is difficult and frustrating. I'm sure in most of those situations, you've got the parent that does everything and the parent that does the absolute bare minimum and dumps the burden on the other parent (which is probably how it was during the marriage too). But when it comes to court, pick your battles. The judge doesn't give a crap that he forgets to pack leg warmers for ballet class every Thursday, or she babies the kids too much and it's making them soft. And frankly, neither do I. But I do care when I have clients that come in who really need relief from a bad situation, and that's when I like family law, and feel satisfied in what I'm doing. I also like finding creative solutions for my clients, particularly when the parties are willing to come to an agreement instead of just being pissed at one another. But the rest of you idiots need to work out your own petty grievances, otherwise, I'm going to triple my retainer fee.

6. Sinus fail. Either I have the world's longest cold, or I need to re-evaluate my choice to live outside of a bubble. I had to skip pilates last week because my head was so full of fluid that I got dizzy if I leaned over, and this week it's so bad my head feels like it will explode. I've tried everything, I'm on tons of allergy/sinus/etc. medicine, nasal sprays, nasal irrigation, and nothing works. I'm about to find out if cutting off my nose will help. It is also possible that Small Town is one big allergen. If I can't kick this crap soon, it might be a deal breaker for continuing to practice law here.

7. Dictation fail. Our office dictaphones have finally died of old age (the units are seriously from the stone age), so we're about to upgrade. Does anyone out there use digital transcription machines? We are trying to decide between going with Dictaphone brand or with another brand, like Olympus or Sony. If your office uses the digital ones, can you drop me a line? I'd like to ask you a few questions about how you like them/like the software. We want the digital kind, rather than the cassette tapes, because the boss is upstairs, and he doesn't want to run up and down the stairs every time he needs something transcribed (he's having another knee surgery soon), and when we're out of the office, we want to be able to email dictation to the office to be transcribed. So, if you're using these, feedback would be very much appreciated!

Not sucky stuff:

Egg hunting today with Cora's friend L. Our friends had us and some others over for brunch and the girls got to hunt eggs. Cora really likes eggs. She's been in her room playing with them and eating the candy out of them instead of napping, I'm certain.

This past week I heard one of our state supreme court justices speak at the women's law caucus luncheon. I really liked hearing her speak, because I can relate to her. She was a little bit older than her classmates when she went to law school, married, and already had a master's degree. She talked about how she absolutely hated law school and therefore her grades reflected it. But she loved the practice of law, and had a great career that eventually led her to the bench. (She said it might have led her to teaching law but her grades weren't good enough... and she hated law school anyway.) I definitely relate to that! I dunno if I'd want to be a judge though, I think I'd much rather be a mediator when I grow up. But I like hearing stories from women who go on to do great things who took a similar path. It makes me think maybe I can do great things too, and I'm not held back by my choice of schools or my lack of stellar grades. So, that's pretty cool. It got me excited again about my career choice, since some days I still feel like I'm not even qualified to flip burgers. At the luncheon, I also got to talk to one of the district court judges from The City, and discussing the importance of GAL's to the judges. It was nice to know that even though the appointment earns pretty much no money for the firm, the judges really appreciate the work being done, and rely upon it so much.

So, that's it for my week. Hopefully the upcoming week, with Easter to look forward to, will be good times.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MILP Roundup #142

Butterflyfish has it.

A girl and her dog

There is a definite symbiotic relationship between the kid and the dog. The dog happily takes her abuse in exchange for the attention and/or scraps of discarded food. (The dog is an excellent vacuum cleaner.) But today Cora was being extra sweet to Bernie. Bernie was sleeping on the couch, and Cora brought her blanket and her lamb (her favorite stuffed animal). She put the blanket over Bernie and the lamb beside her, then repeatedly kissed her on the snout saying "I love you" and "Night-night." Then she told me, "Shhh! Bernie's sleeping, Mommy!" Very cute.

Baby Ballet class was traumatic again, with Cora not wanting to participate at the beginning. By the middle she was doing much better and smiling and putting in some effort. Hopefully by the end of the session, she'll be used to it enough that she'll jump right in at the beginning. And we're trying to work on some of the stuff at home, like jumping.

I'll be in trial the next two days. I'm excited since it's a case I've done a lot of work on. Not excited since I've got some sort of horrific sinus congestion going on and my head feels like it's going to explode. Yuck.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roller coasters

The past few weeks, I've been on a roller coaster in my professional life. Some days things just really click, and I'm sure I'm doing the right work, in the right place, and doing it well. Then some days, it's like, WTF? All of my doubts and frustrations have to do with family law. I'm just not sure I'll be cut out for this stuff long-term. Family law is just really important. The welfare of children, the stability of families... hugely important. I think that's the problem. I'm taking it all too seriously, and putting too much weight on my own shoulders when this is supposed to just be a job not an all-consuming life's work. Not to mention I have an ethical responsibility to do my best, and it's tough to say I'm doing my best if I can't keep a clear head because I'm drowning myself in the responsibility of it all. I need to start taking myself a lot less seriously.

So, it's a work in progress, and ultimately, it might just be it's work that's not for me. I'm happier when working torts cases. Med mal, slip and falls, auto accidents, even defamation (I love defamation... it's all the drama of family law but without the bad outcomes). Criminal cases are okay too, but I haven't really done enough defense cases to know if I'll have any problems with it.

In the meantime, I'm trying to bug the local community college enough to give me an adjunct teaching position this fall in either history or poly sci. I think it would be a good distraction for me when I'm out here by myself, and a way to focus my energy on things not watching shows on Netflix. Someday, when I'm an old geezer and the tuition's free, I'll probably go back and do a PhD in history. History is my passion; law is really just the job.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New column

My new column is up over at Ms. JD.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week in Weight Loss

Week 5: -0.6 (Total weight loss: 4.8 pounds)

Argh! So close to the 5 pound milestone, yet so far. Anyway, I am officially 10 pounds lighter than I was when I took the bar exam, so that's a definite win!

Even so, I did not do well this past week, but I am still proud of myself for keeping it under control. First, I had a late dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant on Thursday night in The City with some girlfriends. I had two strawberry margaritas. I ordered a vegetable quesadilla, which was lower in points, and only dipped two chips into the queso my friend ordered. (That was definitely tough. I love me some queso. I could drink that shit with a straw.) But for lunch that day, I'd had a salad from Subway, and I didn't do too bad.

Friday I had a portabella and swiss sandwich from this little deli across from the court house. I forgot how expensive lunch is in The City. But a small portion is definitely a good thing, and the more "gourmet" food is always smaller! Friday night, we went out for dinner, but I forgot to ask for my baja fish taco to be grilled instead of fried, so that was Diet Fail. Also, someone ordered some sort of crab dip, and I partook more than I should have.

Saturday, I had a bachelorette party, which started with dinner at a cheese and wine oriented restaurant. I stuck with a salad, but it did have a blob of goat cheese on it. Then I had a piece of chocolate cake from this really awesome bakery that has the best buttercream frosting, yum! We split a bottle of sparkling wine, and I had a cosmo. We left there and went to a bar, where we had another round of drinks, and a shot. So, four drinks total for me that evening. Definite Diet Fail.

I was at least happy I still had a loss, even if it was only .6. I did pilates on Saturday after Baby Ballet, which was also a bit of a workout for me. I also went to the gym yesterday with a friend and worked out for an hour.

So, other stuff. The CLE on Friday was really great. It was super-informative, and I really wish the guy who taught the class (an assistant county attorney) would take an adjunct position at the law school. He was a helluva lot more interesting than most of our professors, he told us exactly what we needed to know, only told us war stories that actually added to the material, and had a decent ability to keep the seminar gunner talking to a minimum. (She still needed to STFU though, ugh. She was also a hot mess, she had super crazy long grey kinky witch's hair and was wearing MC Hammer pants, and stripper heels. She's also in her 50's. Sadly, I suspect she looked in the mirror that morning and thought, damn, I look good.) It was great being there with my friends (two of my closest friends in law school were there), along with another classmate I actually like, and a random dude I ended up sitting beside and chatting with who graduated in '08 and is finishing up a 2 year judicial clerkship. They did not let us watch the game, but the ESPN app on my iPhone kept me and my new friend from going stir crazy. (We won that game, and two others this weekend. I am still debating whether I choose us as national champions for my bracket, but I am hoping we take it all the way this year. If we make it to the championship game, I will be taking the day off work in order to participate in riotting/destruction of public property while heavily intoxicated and painted blue. You think I'm joking; I'm not.)

Saturday was Baby Ballet, which was not the success I'd hoped for. Cora was rather intimidated by the experience, and seemed to want to observe more than participate. She did some of the stuff in the beginning, but when the teacher wanted the girls to sit inside of the hula hoops, Cora had a meltdown and had to leave for a few minutes. When we came back in, Cora was ready to participate and did good after that. She is definitely not as agile or coordinated as the other kids, even the ones who were a little younger than her. That's one of the reasons I wanted her to do this class. She's very advanced in language skills, she's apparently the only kid in her daycare class that knows all of her letters and numbers. But she needs to work on the physical stuff, her motor skills and whatnot. Not surprising, I was the same way. Still am. Much more bookish than athletic. She seemed to enjoy herself by the end of the class though. I think next week we'll take her in a little earlier and let her wander around the studio and get more comfortable with the surroundings. And we'll work on some of the stuff at home too. The class was more "creative movement" but they do teach some ballet moves and terms. Like "first position" and such. The class also made Husband realize that he is old and out of shape, since we participated too and there were some pilates/yoga moves which he couldn't do. I was glad that there were other dads in the class though, not that Husband cares to be the only dude (he's a nurse, after all), but just that men were taking an interest in the class as well. I saw there were some little boys in the studio too, although not in Baby Ballet. Working with the ballet theatre, it's important to get people of our generation more interested in the performances. Most often it's old people and little girls, or family members/friends of the dancers. There's also still such stigma against male dancers, so people don't often enroll their boys. (Although for athletes, ballet is an excellent way to develop agility and grace. It helps football players in particular. So, there's been an increase in enrollment for those purposes.)

Pretty much it. I have a lot of work to do this week and am lacking the motivation today to dive right in. If I don't get started, I'll definitely be working late Wednesday and Thursday nights again. But I'm tired. I never do well with the time change. Cora definitely didn't do well. She was super pissed when I woke her up an hour early this morning. And we were late because I had to drag her out of bed, get her changed and drag her to the car kicking and screaming. Then I forgot my manners and bitched at the garbage collection guys because they emptied the herbies and placed them all directly behind my car, blocking me in, so I had to go move them, which got me and my clothes all wet. The guy apologized, and I felt slightly bad. But really, who places the garbage bins in front of the driveway, blocking the car, especially when I'm loading a screaming kid into the car? Bah.

So, that's my week in weight loss and various other things. I've got a column to post this evening (I'm still having epic html fail, I dunno what the deal is), and some other personal tasks to accomplish. Hopefully it will be a good week. St. Patrick's Day, my NCAA bracket to complete, and two new books to read. Also, Cora and I will be going shoe shopping this evening, the kid's feet are enormous. Time for new shoes!

MILP Roundup #141

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup** is hosted on a rotating basis at the PT-LawMom, Attorney Work Product and A Little Fish in Law School blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday morning. Next week Butterflyfish will have it.

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The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis between PT-LawMom, Butterflyfish, and Attorney Work Product blogs.

**Hat tip to the “original” Roundup Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground and Thanks, But No Thanks

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The mice shall play...

My boss is out the next two days for something to do with a round orange ball. Lucky him. I'll be out tomorrow, back in The City, but I'll be stuck in the Guardian Ad Litem CLE seminar during our game, which starts at noon. At least I have my iPhone and the ESPN app. I'll try to refrain from breaking out any dance moves during the CLE.

Regardless, I've been putting out fires all day. Good thing I worked really late last night (it was so I could head out early today). I had a late dinner (like 9pm) with my upstairs neighbor, since she got stuck for an extra hour at the hospital. I failed again at Lent and got french fries. Damnit. Totally forgot, and didn't even think about it being the "side." I had a Boca burger, I don't think that counts as a real burger at least. Still was within my points though.

Anyway, excited about going back home a day early and spending a little time with the kid this evening. Husband took her to feed the duckies last night, she was very excited about that. She is Queen of the Duckies. Getting her to throw the bread rather than force-feeding them is a challenge, however. (Foie gras?) But keeping the kid active is so much easier in nice weather. I feel like we watched a billion hours of Sesame Street all winter.

This Saturday starts Baby Ballet. Very excited about that one. Whenever I mention dance class to Cora, she starts trying to pirouette. Very cute. But what can I say, she's a cute kid.

Weird, but cute.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MILP Roundup

The awesome is at PT-Lawmom. I'm on for next week.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Week 4: -.8 (total weight loss: 4.0 pounds)

Averaging 1 pound of weight loss per week still. I was happy with the .8 pound loss because I have no earthly idea how many points I consumed over the weekend. Husband and I went to a wedding reception Saturday night, and it's not like catered food comes with nutritional information. So, I did my best to make good choices (filling up on fruit before dinner was served), but the salad already had dressing on it, so I have no idea what the points value was for the salad, and the other items appeared to be cooked in oil, so who knows. Obviously, I did okay since I still had a loss, but it was definitely challenging. I did make sure to count everything, even though I was guessing, so I could still track what I ate. I also saved most of my flex points for the week until Saturday since I knew it would be tough. (And me pass up wedding cake? Pshaw. I did scrape the icing off though, that's at least something right?)

The wedding and reception were lovely. The bride (a Filipina) incorporated a lot of family and cultural traditions into the Catholic ceremony. Then the reception had cultural dancing, as well as a ton of musical performances, because all of their people are musicians, and the groom's a drummer. Very fun.

However, in an attempt to not consume massive amounts of calories, I did not partake of the open bar. (And Husband gave up alcohol for Lent, so neither did he.) Oh well. Back when one of my friends lost 75 pounds on Weight Watchers, she would engage in binge drinking so that when she, well, revisited the evening's beverages at the end of the night, she could "uncount" those points. I, however, have never had the ability to "puke and rally," so I have to go with teetotaling instead. Sucks.

Since there was a 4 hour break in between the ceremony and the reception, Husband and I went to see Alice in 3D at the IMAX. Our city doesn't have an IMAX (Small Town definitely doesn't have one), but the Other City does. It was an unexpected treat to get to go, and just worked out well with the timing. I definitely recommend the movie, it was much better than I expected. Seeing it in 3D was worth the extra money too, it gave the effects much more depth, I think. And Johnny Depp wasn't as creepy/scary as I expected, so it didn't diminish from his hawtness.

Anyway, goings on this week included Mediation Epic Fail today. Three hours of my life I'll never get back and a waste of the client's money. I may know only enough about law to be dangerous, but I certainly know mediation and, well, that just wasn't it. Lesson learned. So, we've got a hearing date to look forward to, although the client wants my boss to handle the hearing. I can't say I blame her. I'd want the boss to handle the hearing if it was my case too.

The weather is actually 60 degrees out. I was beginning to think Spring would never come. So, we're going to the park tonight. Very exciting. I still haven't been great about exercise (I've been doing it regularly now, but not pushing myself in the way I should be to really see results), so maybe the nice weather and the sunshine will help. I am just one of those people who refuses to run in bad weather, so I can get out more and run now that it's getting warm.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life's soundtracks

I tend to assign different songs or quotes to different aspects of my life. Like, for instance, one of our current family law cases has "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga assigned to it in my head. I can't open the file without humming "I want your love and all your lover's revenge, you and me could write a bad romance." (And I really could write a bad romance novel about their immense dysfunction.)

So, yeah, my quote for today comes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (fantastic movie), and goes out to opposing counsel.

"Bullshit bullshit bullshit!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Local Asshattery

I encourage all of you to give this asshat a call, a letter, a flaming bag of poo, whatever your preference, and let him know that he's a giant asshat, since he apparently doesn't know.

Jim Bunning hasn't been lucid for years. Clearly. (I've had a few friends who interned for him tell me that.) In his last election, he read off of a teleprompter at the debate, and made racist and bigoted comments about his opponent, now Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo (an Italian-American), including something to the effect of him looking like a dead son of Saddam Hussein, and referring to him as being limp-wristed (Mongiardo's not gay, what's with the gay bashing?) And yes, he still got re-elected. Welcome to the bluegrass state.

January 2011 does not come soon enough to finally be rid of Bunning. Even Mitch McConnell's all WTF, crazy old man? We can bail out the banks and let the executives get their big fat bonuses, but when it comes to the working class American who's lost their jobs due to corporate greed and there aren't any jobs out there, well, tough shit.

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky): Asshat

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures in Weight Loss Cont'd and Other Stuff

End of Week 3: -1.0 lbs (total: -3.2 lbs)

Not too shabby. I keep hoping I'll lose closer to 2 lbs a week, but I think unless I either kick the exercising up a few notches, or don't use my flex points on the weekends, that's unlikely to happen. Even so, just from the 3 pounds, I can tell my clothes are fitting a little better.

So, yeah, exercising didn't really happen last week. Unless you count stress-induced pacing. Which I don't. Last week sucked big monkey balls, so no real exercise. I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday, but ended up having to cancel because Cora took an extra long nap and was not feeling well, and in general a mess. Ugh. But getting into a routine has been hard. When I have Cora with me, I'm generally too tired by the time she goes to bed to exercise (or have a massive work + toddler induced headache like this evening). Then Tuesdays I'm driving her back to the city. So, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays need to be my exercise days until the weather is better and I can take her out in the stroller again.

Today I messed up on my Lenten promise, because I had french fries. I didn't get my substitute on my grilled chicken value meal, and I definitely didn't have the will-power to just throw them away. Fail. I was planning to have salad for dinner anyway, so it didn't hurt me, other than failing at Lent. Overall, I've done really well sticking to the plan, and I was even able to have one of my friend's awesome cupcakes she made for Husband's birthday this weekend.

The birthday weekend was good. We had sushi with a bunch of friends, and on Saturday took Cora to this indoor playground place that's filled with inflatable kid prisons to bounce in. It's kinda freaky though, because the place is in constant lock-down and they don't let you out unless you have on a wristband that matches your kid's wristband. (Like, here's an idea, how about people keep an eye on their own damn kids like you would at any other playground?) But I guess they don't want to get sued if someone walks out with the wrong snotty nose kid. Regardless, I think Cora caught funk from the other snotty nose kids. She's definitely in a horrible mood tonight.

Not that my mood is much better. Aside from opposing counsel in a case pissing me off this afternoon (she lied to me to cover her own ass, and even though I extended her professional courtesy instead of putting her head on the chopping block, she's still dicking around and preventing the case from moving forward), I had to fax a hate letter to Sallie Mae today. Apparently, automatic payments are too difficult for them, they randomly didn't take out the full payment from my checking account this month, and now they say I'm delinquent and owe late fees. I guess in between them sending me a gazillion emails/letters a day, they don't have time to either 1. get my payments right or 2. answer the damn phone. Their excuse for not answering the phone (the "estimated wait time" was over two hours and that was during their "faster" time during regular hours) is the weather. Uh, I thought all that shiz had melted? Seriously though, how hard is it to just take the money out of my checking account? What good is automatic payment plans if they screw it up? Why can they not get it right and leave me alone? If they don't get their shit together and fix this, and also stop with the constant spamming, I'm going to see about taking out a loan through my credit union to pay them off. I don't owe them a whole lot, I could likely pay it off with another loan and probably even for a lower interest rate. I guess the only issue would be whether I could still deduct the interest. Might be worth it just to get them off my back since they suck so hard. Ugh.

This month is pretty action-packed for me. I've got a wedding to attend this weekend which will be a lot of fun; I'm getting drinks with some former coworkers; and I'm going to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the IMAX. (Although looking forward to the movie, I suspect it will result in me finding Johnny Depp less hot and much more creepy, much like Willy Wonka did. But the hottest Hatter of Alice remakes is definitely from the recent SyFy miniseries "Alice." Played by the dude from "Primeval" -- way hot.) Other stuff going on includes a couple CLE's, a bachelorette party, and Cora starting Baby Ballet next Saturday (I already bought the leotard, it is unbelievably cute).