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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Report after Day 1 of Epic Weight Loss Battle of Doom: I'm starving. I drank even more than the minimum water yesterday, so I just felt bloated and starving. I only exercised for 15 minutes. I ate all the recommended "stuff." I got all my servings of dairy, vegetables/fruits, protein, grains, and oils. I took a multivitamin.

I have become accustomed to eating a lot more, and also snacking at night. That's really really bad. I need to curb the bad habits, and stop thinking so much about food. The problem with being on a diet is constantly thinking about food. I guess that's the philosophy of Weight Watchers is just changing habits, so you don't have to obsess about food. I obsess about food. I love food. I love eating lots of it. That's why I'm overweight.

I also went out and bought a scale. I have not owned a scale since it was stolen from our apartment nearly five years ago. Probably explains how I let my weight consistently creep up. I weighed 20 pounds less when I started graduate school, when I got married, and when I started law school. I weigh about 5 pounds less than I did when I took the bar exam. I weigh 5 pounds more than I did when I got pregnant. I am 45 pounds overweight. I wear a size 14 in pants, a size 12 in skirts, and a size 16 in shirts/jackets.

In other news, this weather sucks. We're currently getting shaved ice dumped on us. And, I suspect the daycare will probably make me come pick up my snotty nose kid soon. She's probably got a sinus infection. Not that she cares she's a snot ball, it sure doesn't slow her down. But I'd hate to have to take her to the doctor, yet again.

So, that's pretty much it. I'm in document review land right now. We keep getting depos and such canceled because of weather, so I think until this crap resolves, we'll be slowing down around here. We don't have any appointments today, and the phone has been pleasantly silent.

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CM said...

You, me, and Butterflyfish can start a "MILPs on a diet" sub-roundup.