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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ms. JD -- 2010 Writers in Residence

Yours truly is one of the Ms. JD 2010 Writers in Residence, wherein I will be submitting a monthly column on practicing law in a small town (Swimming in Small Ponds), shedding the veil of anonymity within the blawgosphere. (Not putting my mug on there though; I don't have any decent head shots that aren't drunk-face and/or are professional.)

Here is a link to my first column. (Hopefully the editors will be cleaning up my failed HTML.) So, be sure to check out the monthly columns from the Writers in Residence. It shall be awesome. Particularly mine. Awesome.
UPDATE: I think I finally got it looking right now. Geez.


CM said...

Great column! I'm looking forward to reading more about your work.

Flaim said...

If you need a nice headshot let me know!


LEO said...

That's awesome, good for you! Loved the article