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Friday, February 12, 2010


The ABA Journal linked to this article on "how to date a lawyer." Aside from being pretty funny, there is a lot of truth to it. Particularly "citing sources" and "beliefs not supported by empirical evidence." This was always an issue with my ex. He would accuse me of some action (as in, "you always do X"), and then of course, I would come back and demand to know exactly when I did X. Then he would come back that it's just "how I feel." Which is ridiculous, because you don't get to "feel" that somebody else "does" something. They either do it or they don't. You might perceive there is a certain message or motivation behind one's actions, however, you must be able to point to the specific action in order to make such a claim that one's actions can be interpreted as X. You better believe that when I had a complaint about him, I'd already compiled a list of specific instances of the offending behavior, including dates, documentation and witnesses. Yeah... see the problem here? You don't get to argue with me unless you can back up what you say with specific evidence, so that I can then construct a proper counter-argument. And this was before law school. I'm even more difficult to argue with now. Fortunately, Husband is a lawyer at heart, and he takes what I dish out and throws it back at me. Which generally just pisses me off, because I'm the lawyer, dammit. Why am I getting lawyered? Oh well, I suppose it's really just foreplay for lawyers.

In other battles (of the bulge), I have been remarkably successful this week. I am already down 1.4 pounds since Tuesday. Of course, this is going to be water weight for the first couple weeks, I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to reaching my 5% goal. I spent Tuesday evening whining incessantly that I was hungry, but I did not eat anything more that evening. I had already had dinner, quite a bit of food, actually. I had vegetable and tofu moo goo gai pan with brown rice, and edamame. Dessert was the fortune cookie. About 9pm, I was starving again. Since I had reached my points for the day, I just didn't eat. I whined. A lot. But I stuck with it. I didn't need the food. Wednesday was easier. I used a few flex points so that I could have a brownie for dessert. Last night was really good. I saved enough points that I could have a snack (1 serving of goldfish) after dinner. That hit the spot. I found that Subway has great salads, and they're only 2 points when you get the ones with the lunch meat.

I did not really exercise this week, however. I was afraid, since I was teetering so close to the edge of "starvation" that the activity would make me hungier. So, that's the goal for this week, 1 hour of exercise each day. A friend recommended Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout DVD, so I might give that a try. I need to start making it to the gym 3 days a week so that I can run (it's a little hard to run when the outside world is covered in ice... suck).

But, overall, I feel good. I'm feeling optomistic. Every day is a battle for change. The biggest hurdle is the boredom eating. I normally sit at home, particularly alone, and eat. It's never really bad stuff. I don't go to the store and buy potato chips, cookies and ice cream. I don't go to McDonald's every day and get a burger and fries. But I do eat too much. The portions are too large, and if you eat half a bag of goldfish, well, that's 3 servings, and that's almost half a day's points value. That's always been my biggest frustration with losing weight, is that I don't eat badly and therefore feel I don't "deserve" to be fat. I get fake cheese, fake eggs, fake sour cream, low fat everything, light everything, diet everything. I'd be in the checkout line and see some fat lady in front of me with a basket full of junk food. Oreos, regular soda, potato chips, frozen pizzas, donuts, and know exactly why she's fat. Then I'd look in my cart, full of vegetables, fruits, tofu, high fiber cereal, and despair, wondering why I can't lose any weight. I never buy junk food, ever. Fortunately, Husband doesn't eat it. But, he is bad for suggesting we open a bottle of wine. And when you open a bottle of wine, wouldn't some brie go great with this wine? You can't eat brie without crackers, or better yet, some french bread. Before you know it, diet is officially destroyed. I do have a reprieve though: Husband is giving up alcohol for Lent. (And I'm preparing for 40 days of him being pissy.) He's a very bad influence when it comes to alcohol. I very rarely will have anything alcoholic by myself. It's empty calories, and I'm a social drinker. So, without Husband drinking, I should do very well. And no wine means no cheese/bread. Should be good. Husband will probably drop 20 pounds in 40 days just by not drinking alcohol/eating so much cheese. I hate that. Men suck.

But, it's just a matter of believing I can do it. I've had friends lose a tremendous amount of weight on Weight Watchers. I know for me it really has to be a lifestyle change. I can't eat as much as I want, any time I want, and there not be consequences. Over 30 and overweight is in particular a dangerous path. So, even if I don't end up becoming super-awesome investigator for the government, fighting crime and kicking bad-guy ass, I'll at least be a healthy lawyer, setting a good example for my kid, and athletic enough to outrun crazy clients.


CM said...

I'm doing the 30 day shred! You can download it on exercisetv.tv if you are anti-tangible things like me. It kind of makes you feel like you are going to keel over and die, but the fact that it's only 20 minutes at a time keeps you going.

Flaim said...

I"m going to have to try the 30-day Shred. Good luck with everything. I know how hard it is! I didn't really find a place that had cheap yoga. The Bickram yoga class is like $17!


PT-LawMom said...

Mr. V's on all liquids for a month (!!) leading up to his surgery and I'm trying to join him in solidarity. But even with my surgically altered tummy, the head hunger is insane!!! Grr. Also trying to add soups in as fillers. Apparently a can of light Campbells veggie is only 70 cals and is quite filling before lunch. Good luck!!!