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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Things That Annoy Me.

1. Snow. I hate snow. Unless it gets me out of work, which it doesn't unless there's a blizzard, and I don't really think staying home from work is worth dealing with a blizzard. So, yeah, I hate snow.

2. People who ask for my advice and then completely ignore it and do the stupid stuff we both agreed they shouldn't do. I always thought this would be limited to my personal life, but apparently it extends to my professional life too. But hey, if you want to completely screw up your case and have it explode in court in a big ball of epic fail, you know, whatever. Just don't even think about suing me for malpractice afterwards, because I have a long paper trail of I-Fucking-Told-You-So.

3. Attorneys in other states who continuously question me. If you aren't licensed in my state, don't tell me what I'm doing wrong as a matter of state law. And not just me, but several attorneys on opposite sides of this matter who have come to a settlement, reviewed these documents and agreed they get the job done in compliance with our state's law. You were only supposed to get our mutual client to sign the settlement documents and give him his settlement check. And if you gave him that check without getting those documents signed, I will come find you. Don't think I won't. Your state doesn't have snow.

4. Snow. It's worth mentioning again.

Things I Like:

1. Being badass and putting obnoxious people in their place. Don't screw with me. I'm covered in snow and pissed off.

2. Spending time with the Husband, Kid and Dog tonight. That makes the day a lot better.

3. Veronica Mars. I just started watching Season 1 last night. I don't know why it took me so long to watch this show, it's fabulous. Even if it does unfortunately have Paris Hilton in a couple episodes. Yuck.

4. Being busy. No time for too much brooding, there's work to be done!


divine angst said...

Yay Veronica Mars! I didn't watch it when it was originally on either. Spent last summer and fall watching seasons 1 and 2. LOVE.

And yeah, snow sucks.

G Love said...

Also have the big love for Veronica Mars. :) Although Kristen Bell has done nothing to impress me since, I loved her in that show!

SouthernFemaleLawyer said...

Arggg. I totally smell what you're cooking on these Except for the snow thing. I love snow - as a former midwesterner, snow is my time to shine down south.

In my lawyer experience, litigators talk a lot and are happy to let someone else do the non-talking stuff, contract attorneys have control issues and tend to forget about things that aren't directly in front of them (or maybe that is just me), and in-house counsel will micro-manage, nit-pick, and back-seat-drive you to bits.