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Monday, January 25, 2010

Grown-up time

Since we started our crazy schedule of living in two places, two hours away, having two daycares, we've made every effort to spend as much time together as a family, since we're each away from Cora two days a week. We don't get sitters anymore, we take Cora with us whenever we go out, and we stay home after she goes to bed. In other words, we've become totally lame.

So, this past weekend, we actually went out. On Friday night, our friends watched Cora for us while we went out to dinner, drank beer, and then went to the annual "Nudes" art exhibit. On Saturday night, I had my mom come over at bedtime and I went out to have drinks with a few friends from graduate school. It was a lot of fun. And next Saturday, I'm having drinks out with the law school girls.

It's definitely upped my spirits. It's been awhile since I've gone out and done stuff without the kid. The two nights a week I don't have Cora, I generally sit around the apartment and watch stuff from Netflix. And then Husband works Saturday and Sunday nights, so I stay home with the kid, and usually don't go out because it seems dumb to get a sitter just for me to go out.

What lowers my spirits is the fact that it's going to snow again tonight. Effing snow. We had a nice weekend of 50 degree weather, I guess it was too much to hope it would last. I'm always so much happier in the summer.


Tree Hugging 2L said...

I hate snow too.
With fiery passion. (How's that for ironic)

Izzie said...

Snow is only good if it gets you out of school/work, otherwise it's a pain in the butt.

Michael said...

Ditto the snow comments... there's got to be a serious deluge for it to grind life to a halt to be appreciated. Otherwise it should stay away all together! :D

Lawfrog said...

Snow can be a burden in so many ways. That said, I'd kill for some of it here in Houston. I'm so grateful for cold weather right now after the horrifying humidity of the summer.

By the way, found your blog on someone else's blog that I clicked on randomly - you know, the usual way of finding new people to read. :)