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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girly things

I don't know how I ended up with such a girly girl for a daughter, because I was a tom boy and I always preferred playing with the boys than the girls. If I end up with a girly girl for a son, I'd totally understand that one. But an actual girl? Just don't get it. Cora's a purse-carrying, shoe-loving, baby-doll holding, tea-party hostessing, dress-twirling little princess. Today, I learned about a Saturday morning "baby ballet" class for two-year-olds, starting in March. I still plan to enroll her at the ballet theatre for which we volunteer once she's three, which is the standard age the kiddies start lessons. But I was excited to learn about baby ballet, because I think Cora will love it (she loves dancing, and watching dancing), and now I have something to do with her on Saturdays. Husband's excited about it too. It's his fault she's so girly. For instance, when I dress her for daycare, she's wearing pants, shirts and sneakers. When he dresses her, she's wearing pretty little dresses. Daddy's little princess.

Speaking of girl time, Cora's "fairy godfather" and my mom came to Small Town yesterday to hang out (and for my mom to apply for jobs here, since she's still unemployed, and hasn't had any luck finding jobs in The City). He planned on taking Mommy to a drag show in the neighboring small city across the bridge (he frequents the bar scene there), but we decided to stay in and watch Twilight. I'd never seen the movie, and neither had Mommy. I once attempted to read the book and couldn't make it past the first chapter, so I should have known that the drag show would have been much more entertaining. It is quite possibly the worst film ever made, based on the crappiest story ever conceived. (And that says a lot, considering I've seen The Postman.) Even the hawtness of Robert Pattinson could not save that film from being a pile of crap. Sparkly stalker vampires + teenage angst = Vomit. Not that I'd kick Edward Cullen out of bed or nuthin', but our hawt and dirrrty sexual encounter would have to be followed up with a restraining order and a wooden stake. Oh wait, apparently a traditional staking ain't good enough for sparkly vampires. Yeah, so, can't wait to see New Moon.

I finished Season One of Veronica Mars a few days ago. Now THAT is a fantastically written and beautifully acted show involving teenagers and angst. I love how the clues were there all along to solve the overarching murder mystery, but it wasn't obvious enough to solve it up until just moments before Veronica solves it. And it's definitely an "oh shit" moment. Fabulous. Veronica's definitely a better role model for young girls than the swooning Twilight chick who thinks it's hot that the patronizing sparkly stalker vampire shows up in her room at night to watch her while she's sleeping, follows her around, bosses her around, and even tries to fasten her seatbelt for her. WTF? But, I guess Veronica is the girl you want your daughter to be -- strong, clever, and independent. Bella is the girl that unfortunately many teenage girls are -- weak, mopey and co-dependent. I was probably more like Bella than I care to admit, and dated a guy that was overprotective, controlling, and constantly imagined himself to be the hero to the damsel in distress. However, at least I did recognize it, and eventually got out of it. It certainly isn't something to be romanticized. Edward's a creeper. Gross. If you're gonna hook up with a vampire, it should totally be Eric Northman from True Blood. Yum!

If this post concentrates too much on talking about totally hawt guys I'd do really naughty things with, it's probably because living in a different city from one's husband puts a big damper on one's sex life. (Ha, and waking up this morning in bed with a gay man is even more depressing.)


G Love said...

Loved Veronica Mars! I Netflixed the whole thing a year or two ago, and now I want to watch them all again. I miss Kristen Bell back when she was a badass detective, instead of in all these loser movies she's done lately.

I read Twilight and the second book. They were so bad - homegirl needs a thesaurus to learn some new adjectives besides "marble" (as in - his marble chest, his marble forehead) and figure out what this crazy thing called "characterization" is. And yet. I still read them both. I was trapped on a train for 12 hours. I had no other options.

Flaim said...

Sadly, I"ve read all of the books. I absolutely HATE when people compare them to Harry Potter. There IS no comparison. Harry Potter books are about a million times better than the Twilight series. Now as to who is the hotter male lead, Daniel or Rob, that's up for debate. I'd probably go with Dan but I do love me some of Rob's sexy hair.


legally certifiable said...

I heart you Proto! I was prodded into reading Twilight against my better judgment, somehow managed to stomach my way through it, and am shocked that so many think it is actually good. In fact, I think I lost a few FB friends expressing my disdain for that tripe, and I've been told I'm the only woman in the world who doesn't like it.

Rayne of Terror said...

I know I wouldn't like Twilight and so I haven't read it and I don't go to the movies with my book club when that is the movie selection.