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Sunday, December 13, 2009

MILP Roundup #128

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis between PT-LawMom, Butterflyfish, and Attorney Work Product blogs. We originally rounded up just the moms in law school, but then discovered that those women eventually graduate. Who knew? So now all the moms in the legal field (heh) are represented. We aim for Sunday posts. Next week, you'll find it over at ButterflyFish.

It's that time of year again: the holiday rush! No matter what you're celebrating (or if you get to celebrate at all, because you're a law student, and you have no reason to celebrate because your life sucks, but don't worry, it's almost over!), it's a crazy time of year!

Here's what the Law Moms are up to this season:

Shelley is reading books to avoid concerted cultivation of her adorable 2 1/2 year old Peach.

Magic Cookie has a 2 3/4 year old!

-R- has Christmas card absence, but it's on the list.

LL gets Christmas card happiness... and awesome pirate action.

Googiebaba on gifted children: Screw law school, it's kindergarten that's tough to get into these days!

Butterflyfish is the Ice Princess.

Doors are opening for Gillian.

PT-Lawmom lives the life of the overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated paralegal.

LC is getting through a difficult holiday season with her family.

Dakota is looking forward to sunny days and bright skies.

Tranny Head has been off birthing an incredibly large baby. She returns, introducing The Hoss. Congrats!!

And our law students currently in Finals Hell:

Cee has her knickers in a twist.

Jenny is waving the white flag.

Newlawmom is in law school purgatory, maybe even hell, but either way, it'll be over soon!

Finally, for all you law students out there, currently in Finals Hell, a serenade:

* * *

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