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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Holiday Post

It's Christmas evening. The Husband is at work, the Bunny is in bed, the Dog is passed out on the couch, and I'm hanging out in the bedroom blogging, then watching some Christmas-related geekery. (I'd tell you what that geekery is, but it would kick my geekery up to unbelievable levels.) It certainly seems like the whole world is insane, and I need a break. The Pope got tackled, some guy tries to blow up his pants on a plane (something tells me al Qaeda isn't going to claim that dumbass), and my mom went to Walgreen's tonight and saw some lady get mugged. Merry fucking Christmas!

The insanity started last weekend with Fail Blizzard 2009. We actually avoided all the insane weather here in The City, the temperature never got cold enough for us to get any real snow. Small Town got hit with some of it, but I wasn't there, so oh well. Only my food spoiled because of the power outage. There were mass power-outages throughout the tri-state area, and horrific traffic issues. Husband's cousin got stuck on the WV turnpike for eight hours, along with her husband and their toddler, but were lucky since some people were stuck for twenty hours. I offered to launch a rescue mission, but they finally got off the turnpike at 10:30 and finally found a hotel by 1:30 (because of all the power outages, all the hotels were full). They were driving from North Carolina to Illinois. It took them three days because of the weather, when it's normally a 14 hour drive. They stopped in The City on the way and had breakfast with us before making the last five hours of their trip. The little cousins (what are they, second cousins, I guess?) had a great time together. Cora's a little bit older than Cousin S, but they were great together. Then both of the girls got sick, and then infected their families with entirely different strains of the death plague, but that's another story.

The past few weeks at work have been crazy. Crazy clients, deadlines, hearings, etc. I have had some successes, some failures, and some learning opportunities. One of those learning opportunities is about to be in the form of a criminal defense case involving child abuse (of a sexual nature). It already makes my skin crawl, and not just because of the allegations, but more because of the proceedings. The case worker from child services said something in court I found appalling. The judge denied the domestic violence order, because they presented no evidence of abuse. The mother came to court to say "kid told me he did this," rather than bringing the child in, or any other evidence in. (Hearsay. Not admissible.) However, the judge didn't want to leave it at that because of the seriousness of the allegation. So, he brought in the case worker from child services, who got the case over a week ago, and asked her if the allegation has been substantiated. Her answer: "Not yet, but it will be." Um, what? Either the allegations have been substantiated, or they haven't. Either you've interviewed the child, or you haven't. Either you have evidence, or you don't. How exactly are you going to look into your crystal ball and find out that in the future, those allegations will be substantiated? Ugh, don't like that at all. I have a feeling I'm about to have a front row seat for a train wreck. I'm not sure how I feel about it all in general. I carry around some baggage when it comes to this stuff, and I may not be able to maintain a healthy detachment.

So, that's what I've been thinking on all weekend. Fun times. But I drove home after that hearing Wednesday morning and had lunch with the Husband, spent some time with the Bunny and then later that evening had fondue and wine with girlfriends. Most therapeutic. Unfortunately, that night, the Husband apparently caught the stomach death plague the Bunny had earlier in the week, and proceeded to vomit for 12 hours or so. He was feeling better, then started feeling worse again, and missed Christmas dinner. He had to work tonight, so he's at work, still having nausea. I told him to go throw up on someone with the authority to send him home, but he won't do it. He works three nights in a row too, because again, he got fucked on the holiday schedule. I'm just hoping I don't end up with that nonsense, because I have a busy week ahead at the office, and I also have to be in court. So, I've been sleeping a lot, trying to stay rested and well-hydrated and spraying everything with Lysol. Oh, and the dog has fleas (how the hell she gets fleas in the middle of winter is beyond me), we're out of Frontline (it's winter), and the vet was closed. So, Fleabag gets de-flea'd on Monday and everything gets sprayed with toxic bug poison while Cora's in daycare. (At least we have hardwood.)

Even so, we had a nice Christmas. Husband and I watched a few Inspector Lewis episodes we had DVR'd (we're suckers for British shows, and that one is fabulous), and had tea and a fire. This morning, we had pancakes and opened presents. I got a new dresser, and Husband got two bottles of Scotch. (We picked out our own presents this year.) Cora got lots of stuff, her favorite being a fake laptop that does alphabet and numbers and such. She also got lots of books, a few more Elmo DVD's, Elmo stuff, Abby Cadabby stuff, a magic tea party set, a fake sushi set, a bucket full of plastic jungle animals, and a giant stuffed animal -- Doug the dog from "Up" ("It's funny, because the squirrel is dead.") My mom, Cora and I had dinner at our friends' house, which was delicious. The girls' opened their Christmas presents to each other, had dinner, cookies, and watched "Polar Express."

I'm looking forward to next week being over though. Hopefully we'll all be healthy and get to spend some quality time together as a family. And as a couple. We want to go see Sherlock Holmes. It looks awesome, even if it bears no resemblance to the actual character or storyline. And as soon as some kindhearted Brit uploads the Doctor Who Christmas special, my holiday will be complete. (We don't have BBC America, our cable sucks.) Then there's New Year's... I have a lot of resolutions for 2010, it's going to be a busy year!

A few Christmas highlights:

Kissin' cousins

Enjoying her new Elmo book

Bernie enjoying her Christmas stocking stuffer -- a wiener dog squeak toy

Cora shares "Mama" with her friend J for a screening of Polar Express

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