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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday crazy

The holidays are getting a little crazy. Busy at the office, everyone wants settlement money and child custody and their heat fixed, etc etc. I worked late nights last week, getting stuff done, making up for being gone a day and a half the week before. But the holidays are almost here.

We're having some friends over on Friday for some excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages holiday cheer. Then I need to get our Christmas cards sent out once they arrive this week. I'm totally cheating, because I'm printing labels and the Christmas cards are those dopey template ones where you just get a family picture printed on them, so I don't even have to sign our names, I just stuff them in the envelopes and go. So much easier, and so much cheaper than regular Christmas cards too. I can't believe I haven't done this every year. Even when I was single and it was just me and the bunnies. Oh well, now I know better and will do this every year.

Of course, this means actually having a family photo taken, which means forcing the husband to shave and put on clothes that aren't wrinkled. I needed to do that anyway, because that was the Christmas gift request from Mother in Law. So, we combined the family photo session with Cora's 2 year pics. My friend Laurie was nice enough to squeeze us into her very busy end-of-semester schedule to take the photos. Here's a preview.

Laurie got to witness one of Cora's very dramatic meltdowns. Husband made the fatal mistake of taking away her bucket of foam letters that she loves, because we were going to take the family photo. This resulted in Cora stomping off to her room, slamming the door and sobbing into her folded arms while leaned over onto her mattress. Very dramatic. So, we did what any responsible parent of a toddler in the middle of a tantrum would do: bribe her with a cookie. The cookie chilled her enough that we got a few more pictures, then Cora proceded to feed her new talking Cookie Monster doll the remainder of her cookie. Makes sense, the thing does ask for cookies, afterall. Cookie! Om nom nom nom nom! Fortunately, we have a canine vacuum cleaner for situations like that.

I suppose I should put up a tree of some sort, but we kinda didn't want to fool with it this year. Cora really likes trees, but can't keep her grubby little fingers off of the ornaments. I figure we'll put up a tree next year when she's less prone to destroying it.

Anyway, that's all going on. Work work work. Going to see The Princess and the Frog this week sometime with my upstairs neighbor (or by myself, in the alternative, which makes me a sad person, really). Then looking forward to some time with the family, and our friends. Next Wednesday evening, I'm having my first girls' night out in months... fondue and vino!

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Cee said...

I do the printed version of cards every year- so easy! but then at the last minute I feel guilty and write a personal note on the back. oh well. kids and ornaments just dont mix! this year our ornaments are glittery pinecones and those big white plastic snowflakes....but jacob does like to put our silverware in the tree- he thinks anything can be a decoration!

I can't even imagine how busy you are during the holidays with work and family! At first I thought you said your mother in law's wish was for your husband to shave and wear nice clothes- lol!