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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Exhaustion to Come

I know, I've been neglecting the blog for awhile. I've been busy and sick, then sick again, then busy, then just all around exhausted. Oh, and I've been having these headaches that are so horrific I'm convinced some sort of alien is going to hatch out of my skull at any moment. (I've also been watching too many campy horror flicks.)

Thanksgiving weekend was good. Husband had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, however, which is obnoxious for him to work three nights of the weekend instead of two, since he's supposed to have seniority. But that's exactly the kind of fuckery he's come to expect from his department (such as his pay reduction), so no surprise there. The in-laws stayed until Saturday, and watched Cora for a few hours on Friday night for me so I could have dinner with a friend. Cora had a great time with her "Papa" and her other "Mama." She also had a great time when Daddy gave Cora her Christmas present early without asking Mommy. (Mommy was super pissed.) But Cora absolutely loves it, I knew she would. It's a toy kitchen, with burners that make bubbling noise when you put the pots on them, and it even has an oven. She loves all the toy pots, plates, utensils and fake food. She literally played with it all weekend, to the point she didn't even want to go to the park because she'd have to leave her kitchen. She loves being in the real kitchen while Husband cooks, so I knew it'd be a big hit. A hit for Christmas morning, but whatever. As punishment, Husband has been assigned the task of getting her a new Christmas present from the toy store, which is certain to be a madhouse.

Thanksgiving Dinner was very good, and aside from us, the in-laws, and my mom, we had Cora's godfather there, and the girl he is temporarily living with that he has some sort of weird pseudo-relationship with, and even though he's gay, she keeps wanting him to impregnate her. Huh? It's all kinds of drama. I guess they're like Cole and Linda Porter. Only not de-lovely, just disastrous. So the drama.

That's pretty much it for the weekend update. For this week, I'm swamped at work, and I have depositions all morning on Thursday, that will probably last through the afternoon. Then I have to drive to the western suburbs of Chicago from Small Town, which is going to be like an 8 or 9 hour drive. Husband and Cora are flying out Wednesday, and I just need to be there by Friday morning for Husband's grandfather's funeral. Suck. I hate funerals, I really really hate funerals. But it's not like I can refuse to go, and his entire family will be there. We'll drive back to our City on Sunday, and Cora and I will get up early Monday to head back to Small Town. I'm just hoping I packed enough clean knickers. Sigh. My life truly revolves around making sure I have the appropriate clothing and toiletries at the appropriate places. Such is life when you live in two different locations.

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SouthernFemaleLawyer said...

Funny - we are buying #2 a kitchen playset for Christmas. It is sitting in my office, mocking me. I need to get it put together and painted - mainly because then I can shut the door and pretend bake while supposedly lawyering. Feel better!