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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wing-Nuttery Revisited

In nauseating dread of seeing that ridiculous woman's smug face on a row of books and knowing precious trees died for such a tragic cause instead of being used for a much nobler purpose such as toilet paper honor of Sarah Palin's whine-fest publishing debut, I thought I would link to my previous posts concerning her brief foray into national politics, particularly her interviews with Katie Couric for which she apparently spews hate is quite critical.

Comments on the substance of her interviews here. Comments on her smug entitlement here. Comments on her blaming her ineptitude on others here. Comments praising her view on privacy and Constitutional Law here. And finally my comments on why Sarah Palin's selection as the Republican VP candidate, apart from partisan politics, makes me cry on the inside (found here).

Oh, John McCain. I used to like you and respect you. Then you plucked that Whack-a-Doodle out of obscurity from Alaska and made her the pin-up girl for Right Wing Fantasy Land. The only worse female choices I can possibly think of for such an important position would have been Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) or that beauty queen whose lawsuit for religious discrimination got scuttled by her solo sex tape (Hypocrisy Fail). Now the media continues to give Palin attention for her buffoonery, such as when she accused our president of wanting to kill her baby and her grandma. She will never go away. She will continue to linger, like an incurable infection, a constant, painful reminder of how we could have had a bad-ass chick as the Republican VP candidate, someone thoughtful and intelligent, showing up the dudes, but got THIS instead.


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I was so irritated to see Palin on Oprah. LAME.