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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life after Trial Prep

Trial Prep has been the bulk of my work since I started. We had like five trials scheduled through January, but now they're all gone. Either settled or rescheduled, or tried. So now what? Boss Dude has given me a few new cases to work on, and I'm starting to take appointments with new clients. Divorces, personal injury matters, and such. I'm signed up on the GAL and WOA lists, and working on getting onto the "Shit the Public Defender's Office Can't Take" list. Weee, (alleged) criminals! I did a summary judgment hearing last week (I won) and I'm taking my first deposition in two weeks. I'm starting to feel like a real lawyer, as opposed to a pseudo lawyer. That's pretty cool. Unfortunately, I know just enough to be dangerous, so it's also a little scary.

In other news, The Husband has finished his clinical rotation this semester and now he just has studying to do. He (and the dog) came out to Small Town this week to hang with Cora and I, which was nice. Even nicer is that I didn't have to take Cora back to The City, and wake up at 6am to drive two hours back to work. That was really nice. I don't mind all the driving, but the waking up at 6am... not a big fan. I'm sure my car appreciates the break too. When I go back to The City on Friday, I'll have 100,000 miles on that poor old tin can.

Mother-in-Law is coming to Small Town on Sunday, so we'll have dinner and take her to some local Christmas events. Then she'll head out to where Father-in-Law lives for a few days, and they'll both come back to our house in The City for Thanksgiving. (My MIL took a job before Cora was born with a military base in another state, a position that will eventually transfer back to the military base where FIL works, supposedly in the Spring. It seems to be a trend lately with married couples living apart because of work.)

Anyway, Cora is pretty much the same: chatterbox, bossy-boots, and increasingly independent. When she wants to play by herself, she will kick me out of her bedroom, close the door in my face, and scold me if I try to come back in. I had no idea toddlers required privacy. On the other hand, she has no problem invading my privacy, such as waking up in the middle of the night, opening my bedroom door, standing beside the bed and staring at me until I wake up. I suppose that's better than smacking me and shouting "Mommy!" in an accusatory manner, as she has previously. But not by much.


Nando said...

Is this how you envisioned the practice of law before going to law school? Also, wouldn't it be nice if law schools were focused more on the practice aspect of things. (Although I am not sure if UK has solid clinical programs or not, I am sure it could be much better.)

Momttorney said...

I emailed you.

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