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Sunday, November 1, 2009


The first costume attempt was Fail.

AHHHHHH!!!! The Peep is EATING ME!!!!

But we had great success with the second costume, minus the head piece...

Abby Cadabby enjoying the spoils of that whole "Trick or Treating"

Halloween was quite fun. I really enjoyed taking Cora Trick or Treating. She had such a good time, she loved going up to the doors. She'd say "TREAT!" and "TANK YOU!" and "BYE!!!" She did a very good job. The Marshmallow Peep would have been pretty awesome, but Cora really enjoyed being Abby Cadabby. She's still been carrying around the wand today.

After Trick or Treating, we sent her off with Grandma to her friend J's house where my mom was watching the kiddies while we par-tayed. No, I am not too old to party like a rock star. I'm just too old to not feel like crap the next day.

Cora helped me decorate earlier in the week. We used finger paints to make blood spatter paintings to hang around the house. Looked very cool in the black light.

Smoking skull, smoking cauldron of witch's brew, and blood spatter

Halloween is generally my excuse to dress how I totally would every day if I weren't supposed to be some sort of respectable professional woman in her thirties and a suburban wife, mom and Catholic: slutty and goth. Seriously. It's sooo me.

Seriously. I'm dark and tortured.

Okay, maybe not. But I enjoy it on these occasions.

** The MILP Roundup will be posted tonight after Bunny Bedtime, as we're hitting the road back to Small Town. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging for long.**


Cee said...

ooh, very sexy goth! I love it! I'm never brave enough to do that kind of costume. Cora is so funny. the duck thingy costume is too hilarious!

PT-LawMom said...

She is so cute. And I agree with Cee - sexy goth! :-)

LEO said...

Hot. I love it!