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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I found this website from the ABA newsletter, written by a solo practitioner who mocks his former firm's most villainous partners. It's definitely worth a read from the beginning, it's hilarious and outrageous. That dude has giant cahones because, while I could definitely write novels about the sociopaths I've worked for in the past, I would be terrified of having to face them in court over it. So kudos to Mr. Heyburn for testing the boundaries of our First Amendment rights, and making a stand against the lawyers who give our profession a bad name and made our lives a living hell. (I am, however, rather partial to the porn star mustaches. If I were a dude, I would totally rock one.)


Nando said...

The guy has the balls, the brains, and the backbone to put up his site and stick with it, even after receiving the suit. Good for him. He is doing a service to all of us who have been crapped on by this ugly "profession."

He even made sure to get another domain name, in the event he is ordered (or enjoined) to close down the site.

I also went to a mediocre, third0rate, third tier law school. Check out:


G Love said...

Loved it! Gawd, I recognize so much of that stuff from my work in manufacturing. It's not just lawyers firing pregnant women, calling people fat slobs, and in general getting paid huge amounts to accomplish very little except shit on their coworkers!

SouthernFemaleLawyer said...

HEEE-larious! I wish I had the balls to be so candid about my experiences. Great blog, BTW - nice to see I am not the only southernfemalelawyer in these parts.

five tomatoes said...

Thanks for sharing! I added him to my daily reads. :)